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Scarecrow member hailing from Perth, Australia. Jokingly claims to be part of a Western Australian separatist group.

Claims to Fame

Was the almost-winner off the First Map Contest, and is a judge on the Second Map Contest.

Also has achieved BAM enlightenment from his work on the map for his 'Song of Roland' TL.

Scarecrow is also a Master of the Order of the BAM, responsible for the creation of BAM temples throughout

He came up with the idea for the Sealion World Tour (although Doctor What was the one to actually buy the Sealion and get the ball rolling) and, if we are extraordinarily lucky, it might actually be completed within his lifetime.

An undoubtedly, most incredibly sexy man, even straight men and lesbians get flustered when he walks past.

Scarecrow has fought in many wars in defense of beloved Australia, and has a prosthetic leg and scars from once-embedded shrapnel to prove it.

Noted Works Politics

He is a member of the EVIL Party and is currently Minister of Foreign Affairs for

In Fiction

In The Series, Scarecrow is a member of the MES crew and does not appear all that frequently.

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