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Full Handle: Ian the Admin

Ian the Admin is the founder and administrator of He is Canadian, and currently resides in New York City.

In Culture

Ian (PBUH) is the Creator, the Preserver and the Great Destroyer. The religions differ on this, but he denies His own divinity, clearly a display of His boundless humility. His denial of His own divinity is also the greatest proof of His divinity.

Plus he will ban your ass if he needs to (see also Hall of Infamy).

Plus Plus he has the Divine Right to Rule over the Forums granted by Himself.

Ian is also the Slayer of the Trolls and Phonespammers, accomplished by his mighty Mjolnir-type weapon, the Banhammer. He also deploys the somewhat less lethal Kickboot.

Ian watches over all from his Orbital Control Platform.


Ian's catchphrase analogue while banning particularly obnoxious or crazy trolls is to simply precede his banning text with a stoic “Wow.”.

In Fiction

In the Series (and its sequels), Ian is a representative of the Hub's administration, this means that he himself has no power, but is able to wield their full executive abilities in the result of a threat, however, different writers portray this differently, Merry, for example, attributes Ian himself with the power (no, not like He-Man), this has sparked discussion and debate in many of the eps featuring the Hub

Ian himself defines the power of the Hub pretty clearly here, here and here. Any further quandaries as to the nature of the Administration of the Hub can be directed to Psychomeltdown via PM.

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