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stories:ah.com_the_next_generation : The Next Generation

A weekly episodic series detailing the comedic/dramatic adventures of the MES Stranger and her crew on their IAN-given quest. Numerous timelines have shifted out of their logical path due to the proliferation of ASB technology, and it is up to the crew of the Stranger to investigate these strange cases.

A spinoff of the The Series, TNG was initiated by Jord839.

List of characters

The Crew

Big Tex - Captain

Wolf - First Mate

Analytical Engine - Artificial Intelligence

Hashasheen - Co-Chief Security Officer

godsown1991 - Co-Chief Security Officer

Jord839 - Navigator

ImperialVienna - Communications Officer

nikky - Chief Medical Officer

TheDarkMessiah - Chief Engineer

Wanderlust - Not eye-candy.

Zyzzyva - Chief Scientist

Lord Roem - Secretary/Butt Monkey

Recurring and Other Important Characters

August Akuma - A Reasonable Villain turned Good (?)

Krall - The Big Bad of Season One.

MacCaulay - A HUB Agent alongside Blue Max

Blue Max - Another Agent and liaison between the Stranger and HUB.

Vultan - Former Krall Agent thought killed in “The Great Identity Caper!”. Makes a return in “We Have Come to Terms Part II” in the epilogue as an Ubermensch Space Marine Fleet Commander.

List of episodes

Season One

Season Two

Fake episodes

(Fake) Episode 2×01 - BOOZE GOLD - Jord839 - link

The Writer Marmosets

Equivalent of The Series' Writer Chimps. People who have kindly given up their free time (or had nothing better to do) and written our wonderful(ly bad/funny/both) episodes.

Jord839 - 2 (co-writer) - 4 episodes

Big Tex - 2 episodes

Analytical Engine - 4 episodes

August Akuma/Lord Genome - 2 episodes (co-writer) - 1 episode

godsown1991 - 2 episodes

Wolf - 1 episode

Lord Roem - 2 episodes

ImperialVienna - 1 episode

Fenrir_Angerboda - 1 episode

Hashasheen - 1 episode

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