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Chronology of The Series

When The Series began in 2005, we were immediately thrust into the setting with the ship fully crewed and the crew's origins a mystery. From the end of Season 1 onwards, this has slowly been filled in with 'origins' episodes that jump back and forth along the timeline, allowing this record of their comings and goings to be constructed.

Time is measured here in years After the Battle with the Devourer or ABD, as it is often cited at the start of flashbacks.

0 ABD: Doctor What and Grey Wolf

Doctor What and Grey Wolf were on the Ship from the start and fled from the battle with the Devourer as the only surviving crewmembers. Seen in flashbacks in OF SHIPS AND CAPTAINS and ONCE MORE INTO THE BREECH.

0 + 1 month ABD: Dave Howery

Dave Howery was the first new crewman to be recruited, from a dystopic timeline where America is occupied by various Canadian and European armies led (unbeknownst to him) by Mike Collins. Seen in flashback in TO LIVE AND DIE IN SAULT STE. MARIE.

0 + 2 months ABD: G.Bone

G.Bone was accidentally teleported up by Dave from his home timeline, a steampunkish world including a more extensive British Empire and an independent Kingdom of Hawaii. He was given the job of working the teleporters. Seen in flashback in SEALIONS ON AN AIRSHIP.

0 + 4 months ABD: Weapon M

Exact circumstances unknown, but mentioned in HEART OF STEEL.

0 + 5 months ABD: Kit

Exact circumstances unknown, mentioned in HEART OF STEEL and noted that he was recruited in the middle of a chaotic away mission and the crew knew little about him (so no change there then). A week later the crew were attacked by cow-like space pirates, who were defeated when Weapon M ate them.

0 + 5.5 months ABD: Leo Caesius

As seen in HEART OF STEEL; Leo is an A.I. from a wholly robotic world whose humans died off after being radioactively poisoned by their technology - unbeknownst to most of the A.I.s like Leo, who idolise the 'Makers', this was deliberate on the part of the plotting thinking machine leaders or Autoexecs. Leo flees the planet when Paul Spring and Analytical Engine lead it into an apocalyptic civil war. Note Leo has only just inviegled himself into control of every system by 2 ABD.


As yet unplotted: Hendryk and Abdul Hadi Pasha join the ship.

1 + 10 months ABD: Matt (CONJECTURAL)

The exact time is not stated in POSITIONS, but Matt obviously joined after Weapon M was established as a crewman but before Psychomeltdown, as he's seen in episodes set later on. Matt originates from a pacifist TL which was ravaged by invaders.

1 + 10.5 months ABD: Psychomeltdown

Not covered in detail, but mentioned in AMAZONS & DINOSAURS as happening six weeks before. Psychomeltdown is said to have the death warrant on his head in his home TL, was desperate to get away, and had some basic engineering skills but needed training by Dave.

1 + 11 months ABD: GBW

Also not covered in detail but mentioned in AMAZONS & DINOSAURS as having joined a month before, and is still learning the piloting controls.

2 ABD: IronYuppie

Covered in flashback in AMAZONS & DINOSAURS. IronYuppie was Queen of an amazon tribe on a primitive world, descended from genetically enhanced Caladian stock from a ship that had crashed there.

2 + 0.5 months ABD: Landshark

After being run ragged by IronYuppie for a few weeks, the AH.commers pick up Landshark, a nobleman from a Britwank TL with early 20th century technology, after his world is invaded by the Conservapedia Empire. Landshark proceeds to consume all IronYuppie's attentions, much to everyone else's relief. Seen in flashback in QUEEN OF THE DRAGONS.


As yet unplotted - Michael, DMA, Diamond, Straha, Torqumada and Thande join the crew.

4 + 11.5 months ABD: Othniel

(Actually said to be 5 ABD in the episode, MY NAME IS GLADIATOR). Apparently Othniel, who comes from a surviving-Roman-Empire world where Christians are persecuted, joined not long before the start of Season 1.

5 ABD: Season 1

Events of Season 1.

6 ABD: Season 2

Events of Season 2.

6 ABD: Abdul Hadi Pasha and DMA leave

At the beginning of the year, in DRY DOCK, Abdul Hadi Pasha and DMA leave on ships at the Hub - the former permanently, the latter temporarily.

6 + 3 months ABD: Flocculencio and Luakel

Flocc and Luakel both join from a timeline with a flying Singapore in space, though Luakel is already a crosstime traveller and originates from another timeline (said elsewhere to be a socially conservative one where, among other things, Prohibition never ended). Seen in THE HUNT FOR US AIN'T OVER, though this Flocc first appeared in DO THE ANIME-TION the year earlier.

6 + 6 months ABD: DMA rejoins

DMA rejoins the crew in JIHAD ON THEIR ARSES.

6 + 9 months ABD: Keira Knightley joins

Dave Howery smuggles Keira Knightley out of the Game World in CULT OF THE SWAMP GOD.

6 + 11.5 months ABD: Straha leaves

Straha leaves the crew in THE COMING TWILIGHT and joins Mike Collins.

7 ABD: Season 3

Events of Season 3.

7 + 6 months ABD: Othniel leaves

Othniel leaves in THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY to hunt after Straha.

7 + 9 months ABD: Othniel returns

Othniel returns from his quest to rejoin the crew in THE MACHINE.

8 ABD: Season 4

Events of Season 4.

8 + 10.5 months ABD: Diamond leaves

Diamond leaves the ship in THE MAPSIAH to become Maptain of the Mercator.

8 + 11.5 months ABD: Weapon M dies

Weapon M sacrificies his life to blow up the Orbital Control Platform in THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

9 ABD: Season 5

Events of Season 5.

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