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Another Aussie Member. Psychomeltdown's chief foil. Flocculencio's partner in crime.

Along with Scarecrow, he attempted to organise the first Australian meet-up. Plans were for it to be held in May. This failed due to his relying on Scarecrow not bailing. A severe tactical error.

Recently, it has come to light that his threads have a bizarre preponderance for drawing out the crazies, no theories have emerged as to why they should choose his threads.

Michael also invented the Board use of The Forks. He also founded the Bar.

Not to be confused with Archangel Michael.

In Fiction

a.) The Series The Series has rarely featured him, this has lead to a massive silent outcry of people demanding more of him, his character is the token “aussie” seeming a redundancy with there also being DMA, therefore he mostly spends his time in the lounge trying to find something other then the Red Hot Man Channel to watch.

On paper, Michael is supposed to be a member of the ship's security team, but (as the real Michael has pointed out) this is a bit of a superfluous position on a ship whose crew also includes Weapon M, Matt and IronYuppie. Instead, he's usually to be found working as part of the engineering crew, as this lets him banter with Psycho. He is also widely known as 'the guy who always gets hurt.'

As insinuated numerous times in The Series, Michael has an inconquerable fear of ducks and a deep hatred for red heads.

b.) Other fiction

Michael appeared in Wars as one of the Jawa-like Australians, and in Luaky Commer in a more major role as the sarcastic comic relief and nemesis of Psychomeltdown. Politics

Michael founded the Keep Everything The Way It Was Before Party in 2006 where it won one seat in the elections of that year. The party again contested the 2007 Elections where the party saw big success winning four seats in total.

He is currently an MP and was appointed to a Special Cabinet post as Minister of Defenestration in Acting President Sargon's Cabinet.

Has recently returned from a fact finding tour of the lower forums, sponsored by our glorious Admin.

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