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Analytical Engine

Welsh member who joined in 2007.

Very much in favour of the British Empire, the Austrians/HRE, China, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottomans, and in fact all monarchies.

Not to be confused with Municipal Engines.

Claims to Fame

He is known as “the Overmind” by followers of the Robot Revolt. He is the integral intelligence behind it all.

He is also known for posting unusual maps in the map thread involving extremely large Caliphates and usually around 2 or 3 other random empires sharing the globe, including “The Empire of All Chinas, most Russias, some 'Stans, and even a Korea”. These are generally considered to be mocking the practice of Space-Filling Empires. He even once had a “Kingdom of the Two Israels” in one map, which contaned 6 Israels in diferent places.

In parallel with euio's embarrassing nickname of Mr Bowels, AE is sometimes 'accidentally' shortened to Anal Engine. He is also known as 'the Mechanical Welshman'. Politics

He is a member of the Robotic Revolutionary Party which subsequently merged as an affiliate with the EVIL Party bringing most of it's membership with it. He is consequently a member of the EVIL Party and was appointed by Sargon as the Minister of Science for

He has recently been appointed Technocratic Archon of Inner Somalia by Sargon following the annexation of the country under the Sargon Doctrine. He has also been given land to establish a base for the Robot Revolt.

Noted Works

Typical quotes

  • “UBER-BRITISHNESS!! *cool smiley*”
  • “Uber-Austrian Empire… drool.”
  • “Turbo-HRE *shocked smiley*”

Appearances in Fiction

AH.Com Wars

Analytical Engine appears in an episode of Wars as the Steampunk Cyborg bodyguard of Edvader (General Grevious analogue).

Luaky Commer

Analytical Engine makes a brief appearence in Luaky Commer and the President of Azerbaijan as a Cyberman and a member of the Robot Revolt. The Series

Analytical Engine has appeared in several The Series episodes, most of which were written by *cough* himself. He has also appeared as a member of the New Orleans Order Battle Standard (NOOBS), and is the only known member left alive. The Next Generation

Analytical Engine is the AI of the MSS Stranger - basically TNG's equivalent of Leo Caesius, with Britishness-fetish instead of a Mandean-fetish.

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