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16,000 years ago, a man called G'Len was born on a peninsula that would one day become Ireland. Since then, other immortal men and women have been born, sometimes parent and child, sometimes siblings, sometimes great-to-fiftieth grandchildren. They are the Eternals. They vary in age, from just decades to many millennia old. This site is dedicated to these people. For they have watched civilization be born, grow up, and mature into the globalized world we live in today. Here, they can tell their stories.

Introduction Eternals is an ASB Shared Worlds roleplaying timeline. It was started by Glen in 2008. The basic premise is that all AH.commers are actually immortal humans, born in different historical eras in various places of the Earth. This roleplaying game follows their adventures, exploits and discoveries, as well as their eventual reveal to the global public during the early 21st century.

You can read the roleplay's discussion thread here. This website also catalogues the lives of the Eternals. There's also a nice Tv Tropes page for the series over here.


Originally, any AH.commer would take their current age and add the amount of posts they had. This subtracted from the current year would make that the year they were born. Later on, this rule was gradually dropped and people came up with birth years that suited them. The original rule can still be used, but is no longer mandatory.

Both the original system and the newer one mean that an Eternal could have been born anywhere, anytime, from at the end of the Ice Age (in the case of Thande and Glen), Ancient Greece (catboy637), 14th century London (Cambyses the Mad) or 16th century Arabia (Hashasheen).

The Eternals can only be killed by decapitation or vaporization of the head, and do not age after their first death. Each Eternal recalls his life and exploits within as a secret history of OTL. Some Eternals are even ancestors of other Eternals - G'Len is so old that he is an ancestor of every human and Eternal born after about 1000 CE.

The Eternals' Universe


Compendium of autobiographic interviews with Eternals (supplied by TETRA)

Autobiographic interviews with Eternals

NOTE: TETRA = “The Eternals' Trust Repository and Archives”

Eternal characters played by AH.commers

Many board members have created their own Eternal characters and described their lives throughout the thread's history. This is an incomplete (but growing) list:

Abhakhazia: His first character was Lukas Merhoff, born in 1552 in Dresden, Saxony, the Holy Roman Empire. His second and current character is Mark Faire, originally born as a Roman named Marcus Flavius in 321 BC in south Ostia.

Analytical Engine: Born in 5085 BCE, in Britain. Known as Ay'eyh.

Bavarian Raven: Known as Raven. Born 1761 CE/AD, in Transylvania.

Beedok: Born in 3409 BCE on what would become the French-Belgian border, about 10 km from the coast.

birdy: Born in 561 BCE, to a Celtic tribe.

Blackbeard: Born c. 900 BCE, as an Olmec.

Cambyses the Mad: Known as The Bloodsinger. Born around 1329 AD, he was a medieval Londoner and delinquent who was burned alive. After his first regeneration, he killed his captors and seems to have gone insane since then. Despite his lust for killing, he is somewhat more principled and less vicious than most Rogue Eternals.

Catboy637: Known as Edward, he was born in 500 BCE as a Macedonian. He met Loyalist Colonial in the Crusades. He has several direct and distant Eternal descendants, though some of them aren't ones he'd be proud of - as was discovered by the Trust in the 2000s, one of his distant descendants is The Blood Knight himself.

Chuck Mandus: Born in 1840 CE/AD, in Pittsburgh.

Communist Wizard: Known as The Wizard. Born circa 500 BCE in Carthage.

danielb1: Known as Daniel, born in 966 CE/AD in Alexandria.

demonkangaroo: Known as Aneirin, born in 984 CE/AD in Wales.

Doctor What: Born 1900 BCE.

e350tb: His first character was born in 1770 CE/AD and was a perpetual soldier. His second character was Alfred, an Englishman born in 1591 CE/AD.

FDW: Known as Marcus Valkert, born circa Late 5th Century CE/AD. A mysterious and dubious Eternal of questionable sanity, he claims to know how an eternal can be killed. His identity has been unknown to most members of the Trust, though he claims to have done important tasks for them in the past. Also, despises the Blood Knight, and has attempted to kill him 129 130 times.

Fenwick: Born 1747 BCE, in Uruk. Known as Fenwick.

Freodhoric: Born in 1744 CE/AD. Known as Freodhoric.

fortyseven: Born in circa 2700 BCE in northern Germany. Known as 47 (he claims it denotes the number of pseudonyms he bore in his life until adopting this one).

GBW: Known as G. B. W.. Born in the first century CE/AD, in Syria, Palaestina. Witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus.

Glen: Known as G'Len. Born before most civilization, he is possibly the oldest Eternal. He and Th'And are not sure who is older, since they did not have accurate calendars for a long time.

Huehuecoyotl/Gruekiller: His first character was Tochtli, born in 1495 CE/AD in Xochimilco, an Aztec town. Witnessed the last years of the Aztec empire and the Spanish siege and eventual conquest of Tenochtitlan. Became a drifter after that, living mostly in the Americas. His second and current character is Apostolos.

Hashasheen: Known as The Blood God or The Hashasheen. Born in the 17th century, presumably somewhere in the Middle East, claimed to be from a lineage of Saladin. He turned sociopathic very early in his youth, had extremely deep bloodlust and was genocidal. He was the true persona of many infamous warlords and war criminals in older and recent history. He was one of the right-hand men of The Blood Knight. Edward, to his own shock and great regret, discovered that The Blood God was one of his close descendants.

Jord839: Born in 1072 CE/AD in the northern area of what today would be called Switzerland. Known as Josef Schneider.

Kevin in Indy: Known as Klaus Schoff, born in Germany in 1823 CE/AD.

Lalli: Known as Lalli. His original name was Lauri Metsälä and he was born in 1847 CE/AD in Rauma, the Grand Duchy of Finland. Originally a fisherman, he became an Eternal after drowning at sea in 1880.

Michael Busch: Known as Bosch, born in 1419, in Bois-le-Duc. Originally a sailor, then a monk after discovering his immortality. Later a merchant, lawyer, doctor, banker, explorer, scientist, and spymaster. Closely associated with other Eternals, and one of the founders of the Immortal's Trust. Helped to capture the Blood Knight.

modelcitizen: Known as Modelcitizen. Born in 1041 AD in an unspecified location, he has a mischievous and trigger-happy personality, likes fighting, having fun, collecting old fancy cars and organizing his own secret mercenary companies to take down various world-renowned terrorists and criminals. Participated in the Eternals' fighting championships in Kimberly, Australia. Currently lives and works under the guise of an average high school teacher.

Nikephoros: Known as The Saxon. Born in a village near early London in 757 CE/AD.

Petike: Known as Peter. Born in the 1280s' Kingdom of Hungary, raised as a Hospitaller knight, but instead became a drifter, outlaw, soldier, general con-man, travelling merchant and traveler-adventurer throughout the centuries. Was unaware of the existence of other Eternals until late 2010 ! Joined the second Eternals' expedition to Mars and is still residing there.

Pipochubs1999: Known as Karl Stueck, born in East Berlin in the German Democratic Republic on April 26th, 1987.

Prometheus_2300: Known as Prometheus. Born in 352 AD in the Eastern Roman Empire.

Ran Exilis: Known as Radulf, born 476 CE under the Ostrogoths.

RandomIdeaGuy: Known as Loyalist Colonial. Born in the 8th century BCE (ca 788 BC), he saw the crucifixion of Jesus and first died when facing Egyptians.

RCAF Brat: Known as Benjamin Upham. Born in 1335 CE/AD in the southwest of England.

Redem: Born circa 2000 BCE. Known as Redem.

RogueBeaver: Born in 1974 in Montreal. Known as Peter the Psephologist.

Sedna: Known as Marie-Renée Nicolet or just Nicolet, born 1824. Went from schoolteacher to physicist. A member of the first Eternal expedition to Mars in the 1970s, along with Macarius. Still residing there.

Seldrin: Born in 1854 AD in Australia, known as Francis. Abandoned as a child after his father died in the Eureka stockade incident. Claims to have been the first European to set his sights on Uluru.

snowzinger: Born in 1584 CE, on land that would become part of New Netherlands and later New Jersey. Known as Snowzinger.

Soverihn: Known as Tiberius. Born in 263. Right in the middle of the Crisis of the Third Century.

Syphon: Born 127 CE/AD.

Thande: Known as Th'And. Along with G'Len, one of the most ancient Eternals.

TheDarkMessiah: His first character was Garrick Porter, born in 1745 in the London borough of Wapping. His second character was Saghatel.

The Militant One: Born in 1736 CE/AD in the Virginia colony by parents of English citizenship.

TimKeck84: Known as Timothy, born in 1384 CE/AD. Along with his wife Jesci and with Bosch, he was a founder of the Eternals' Trust.

torque7844: Known as Torque. Born in 1558 CE, shot during a naval battle in 1588.

Turquoise Blue: Her first character was Llywelyn Amerike (surname derived from ap Meryk), born of Welsh origin in 1541 in London, and a Tudor urchin early in his life. Her second character, also a male, was born in the 68th century BC in what is now Egypt. Her current character was born long ago in the prehistoric city of Catal Huyuk and during the 21st century, goes by the moniker of Amelia Gutierrez, a middle-class woman living in present day San Francisco. Her third character is known as Ozymandias. Born in 9,483 BCE.

VulcanTrekkie45: Known as Gregorios. He was born in Constantinople in 473 CE.

Winston Smith: Known as Winston. Born on the 1st of September 1939 in Salisbury, Rhodesia (today's Harare in Zimbabwe).

Yelnoc: Born in 35 BC.

Non-poster Eternals / NPC Eternals

These are background characters (without direct speaking roles) and may be claimed by later participants of this roleplaying series:

Bertrand: A Frenchman (or so he claimed). Torque met him in the early 17th century. Bertrand complained to Torque about another Eternal, Maximilien.

Jesci: Timothy's wife.

Kate: Peter's on-and-off significant other. Though they encountered each other sporadically since their separation in the first half of the 15th century, she worked on hiding her continued existence. The duo eventually reunited in the early 2010s. She joined the second Eternals' expedition to Mars and is still residing there.

Macarius: “Desert Father”. Born in Alexandria c. 335 CE, he became a Christian monk and ascetic hermit. Remained sequestered in the desert for many decades at a time. Was attacked by The Blood Knight in the late 1800s. Eventually volunteered for the Eternals' first Mars mission along with Nicolet, to find a more demanding location to practice his self-discipline. Currently still living on Mars.

Maximilien: Little is known about him, except for Bertrand's complaint to Torque that Maximilien did him wrong.

The Blood Knight: The nickname of a mysterious Eternal, who spent the early years of his life as a Moorish pirate in the Mediterranean. After becoming immortal, he started misusing his new powers and went on a global killing spree. Homicidal, he had killed many regular humans and other Eternals alike. Killed Edward at least twice, despite being his great-grandson. He also created a vast network of lackeys, allies and minions worldwide, consisting of like-minded rogue Eternals. Over the centuries, they conducted various attacks and assasination attempts on other Eternals, particularly ones lacking regular contact with The Trust. Buried beneath a mountain in the late 1700s, escaped in the late 1800s, was eventually reentrapped beneath the Atlantic Ocean crust during the course of the 20th century. In late 2010, Gregorios has petitioned the Trust for his parole. The Blood Knight was fished out of the sea, escaped shortly thereafter, but was easily captured by the Trust in a few hours, since he lacked any knowledge of modern tracking technology. He was then finally put forward for a thorough interrogation, organized under strict security rules. It took The Eternals' Trust a lot of resources, time and willpower to gradually dismantle the Blood Knight's massive criminal/conspiratorial network. His two right-hand men, The Bloodsinger and The Blood God, had been captured, imprisoned and interrogated by The Trust in 2009. Unfortunately, some of The Blood Knight's former underlings are probably still at large, though largely disoriented and dispersed.

Tadayo: Japanese blacksmith and sword-master who studied under Masamune. He relocated to Hokkaido in the late 18th century.

Thomas Alexander Crawford: Amelia Gutierrez's son. Fought in World War One, lives in Maine, doesn't know his mother's true identity (she has asked for it to be kept secret).

Unnamed: Old Eternal who lived as a recluse in India. She would spend a few years at a time at a number of different temples. Starting in the 19th century, she joined the Trust and spent some time in Europe and elsewhere. Was attacked by the Blood Knight, but healed.

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