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An unapologetic conservative and outspoken opponent to various left wing ideologies, hailing from Illinois. She maintains a wary but cordial relationship with left-wing members, varying from close friendship on down, but is more or less well liked. Was Chat's token young conservative until Superman joined up, which then unleashed a wave of like-minded individuals. She created a thread asking people what they honestly thought of her, which in turn spawned this thread and its successor.

May have her Politics in the Wrong Place.

On Politics

A founding member of the Politiyanks and an honorary member of the Politibrits, Abhakhazia takes a keen interest in politics. As previously mentioned, she is a conservative, of the rather moderate stripe, a little to the left of today's Republicans. However, she identifies with the party more or less out of grudging necessary, having an instinctive distaste for the left in general and the Democrats in particular. She's also a devout Christian, an Anglican, but a very Protestant, almost Puritanical, one.


Despite the fact that you primarily see her in chat, she does quite enjoy alternate history, and is an avid reader of timelines such as Look to the West and The Reign of Romulus Augustus. Her main timeline is Agricola's Folly, as to which dhe had a George R.R. Martin style of updating before mostly quitting. She's thinking of starting a new timeline, and she'll find the effort one of these days.

Claims to Fame

Formerly known for having her name butchered to extreme points, but as she gains power, I mean, respect on the board, this problem has reared it's head less often.

Also is the “2012 n00b of the Year”, according to LSCatilina, even though she generally respects traditions and rules.

Known for her previous relationship with Turquoise Blue which reached levels of high creepiness until it faded out. She's kind of touchy on the whole ordeal, so don't talk to her about it.

She loves the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Ancient Rome and European history in general and is friends with many members, like Noravea and DTanza.

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Abhakhazia, a crew member of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on her.

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