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Shared Worlds : Roleplaying Games

Shared Worlds games focusing on roleplaying. Eternals, created by Glen et al World Cup, originally created by Rubberduck3y6

ATL Meetup, originally created by Beta.003

Friendship and Adventures, created by Rainbow_Sparkle

Great Interstellar War, created by BlackWave et al

Metroverse, created by BlackWave et al

Prime Sector, created by BlackWave, Cambyses the Mad, et al

Space Horror, created by BlackWave et al

Majestic-12, created by BlackWave et al

The World of Mañana, created by Geekhis Khan, Shurik, et al

StarGate : Dawn of Man, created by Tekomandor et al

Fantasy RP, created by Cambyses the Mad et al

Men of Sherwood, created by The Vulture et al

Of Magick and Musketry, created by Pseudonym Sam et al

Thick as Thieves, created by Petike et al

Morrow Project, a Morrow Project-inspired ISOT survival game. DnD Campaign, by Burton K Wheeler

D&D 3.5 Game, by Cambyses the Mad et al

Pathfinder - Beneath the Soultree, by TheDarkMessiah et al

Detective, by Asharella et al

Batman roleplays, by various

Inter-Dimensional Relay : A Multiversal RP, by MrMonsterGuy18

See Also

Roleplay is Serious Business - Interesting older discussion on roleplaying in SW, started by TheDarkMessiah. Give it a read, but please don't necro the thread.

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