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shared_worlds:egyptian Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 6115885 ("The Egyptian")

This file has been approved by the leadership of The Trust for Eternal and Ephemeral staff members visiting the databases of TETRA.

Session 1

The Egyptian (29th Century BC)

I was born in the 29th Century BC, in what is now called Egypt. We called in Kemet then, and even today, I still tend to call Egypt, Modern Kemet. My original name, I forgot a long time ago, due to not using it. I lived a full and long “first” life. When I “died” from a sword-thrust due to a war, I was buried in the sand, due to my family being quite poor. I woke up in the night, and had a sudden realization, that that part of my life was over. Thus I started walking, all the way to Persia, aka Mesopotamia…

Session 2

The possible grandfather of Heinrich Merhoff ? (16th century)

Lukas Merhoff: Does anybody have any descendents that lived in East-central Germany in the 1500s ? Because my maternal Grandfather ran away from Dresden for some reason, because he couldn't age, as I later found out. My mother only survived because my father took her in (not that he didn't want to, she was a curvy twenty-something blonde with sharp green eyes) and they got married, and hence, I was born.

The Egyptian (suddenly answering Lukas): Yes. My son, Heinrich. Now that you mention it, I did get a letter from him (I was living in Berlin) describing his new wife. He did mention the blonde hair and green eyes…

Lukas Merhoff: My father was named Heinrich Merhoff… Did he ever mention his son Lukas ?

The Egyptian: Lukas… Let me think… Once or twice, we wasn't communicating much by that time…

Lukas Merhoff: Amazing… Grandfather ?

Session 3

British loyalist turned Colonial soldier, American Revolutionary War

I fought with him [note: George Washington] in the War of Independence, after switching from the British side. Also voted for him those first two elections.

Session 4

An ancestor to writers (19th century)

And I think (not sure) I'm the ancestor of Upton Sinclair…

Session 5

Desmond Field (early 20th century)

Around 1900. Desmond Field, lived in London, I was an accountant, and had been for ten years.

Session 6

The French soldier (WWI) and John James Ingersoll (1940s-? AD)

The Egyptian: (…) Fought for the French in that war. Died in the Somme, and again at Passchendaele. By the end of it all, I felt empty, heartless, disillusioned.

Gregorios: I understand that definitely. I remember being a bit disillusioned after the war for a few years. But once I had settled down into a new family, I felt better.

The Egyptian: I wasn't as lucky as you. I didn't get a new family until the Forties. I decided to go to America after the war, which I helped during a few times in their history. I named myself “John James Ingersoll”.

Session 7

Parley Miles (Present)

Well, I'm named Parley Miles now. I live in Toronto, Canada.

Session 8

Parley Miles (Present)

The Egyptian: It was 2001 when you contacted me.

Gregorios: Is strange, but only the last third of my life has been spent as part of the Trust. I can't remember what it was like trying and coming up with a convincing cover life without them.

The Egyptian: For me, it was all but ten years of my life, without the Trust. Considering I was born in the 29th Century BC, and only was contacted in 2001 AD, yeah…

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