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A British member of the board, joining when he should have been revising for his A2 exams in May, he still somehow managed to get into University. Formerly known as TheDarkMessiah, and before that as TheDarkServant, he is known for his ego, in fact it has been said that accusing Dom of having an ego is like accusing a nuclear bomb of being warm. Dom lives in London (and in fact loves the place) and went to University in Wales (which isn't so fun). He dropped out and now works in marketing, as well as voluntarily saving lives and teaching children.

He enjoys older timelines, especially those dealing with his native Britain, and also has a fondness for ASBs and Future History, probably partly as a result of overstudying modern history (and especially the Nazis) for his School History and partly out of natural preference. He has yet to write any timelines or stories on AH, but fears when he does it will be very violent.

He has an obsession with RPGs, and if only someone would play a game with him he would stop going on about it and he is always willing to Play by Post, even if over MSN. PLEASE :D

Finally, he becomes the first actual President to become a super moderator later, and arguably the only one with a mandate.

Relations with other members

Surprisingly, despite their mirror-image personalities, Lord Roem has nothing but good things to say about Dom given the fact that he is funny, a true gentleman (when sober) and more than a little sexy (but not that Roem means it in in that way).

Cambyses the Mad thinks much of Dom, for they share the same general attitude, rampant egotism and love of blondes

He is the fish and game warden of the Pond.

In Fiction

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