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Formerly RandomIdeGuy, formerly randomideaguy, formerly LoyalistColonial, formerly randomideaguy; now known as loneranger after most recent kicking. Would really like to guest write an episode on some sort of project - please PM if interested.

Notable Events

RandomIdeaGuy got banned in early July 2014, after HeavyWeaponsGuy got banned and the moderators found out that RIG had been a sockpuppet of HeavyWeaponsGuy for all these years. However, that same day, the mods realised they've made a mistake and the two IPs didn't entirely match up, so they promptly unbanned RandomIdeaGuy.

Later got kicked for being an asshole and changed his name is a thinly veiled attempt to conceal his shady past.

Things I'ved Done That People Might Have Liked

  • A story form of the above that's actually got some good reviews.
  • The Adventures of Young Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Timeline In A Day ~ Basically Lucas makes a prequel TV series in the early 90s that gets limited success. This spun off into.
  • STAR WARS (Television Series) basically my own take on a prequel tv series building off of the above thing. Probably most proud of Season 2 and early Season 3 as an independent work, although I think I showed some editing skills when revamping George Lucas's script for Season 1.
  • Peace In Our Timeline ; won some awards although to be honest my contributions were very limited.
  • The Creepy Teen Years. Showrunner for Season One and did a few episodes, not really involved anymore.
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