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Formerly known as Gruekiller (and still as such elsewhere on the Internet), Huehuecoyotl, named for an Aztec deity, is an American member hailing from sunny Columbus, Ohio. Originally introduced to the alternate history genre by Turtledove novels, she bummed about on the AH Wikia for a while before (thankfully) stumbling upon in October 2010. A lurker at first, Huehuecoyotl made forays into map and flag making before quietly making the transition to real timelines around late 2012.


  • The Age of the Elephant, a “world without Islam” TL with a point of divergence at the 570 CE siege of Mecca. Presently dead.
  • Lands of Bronze and Fire, a domestication TL. Details the domestication of the camelid Regular updates have recently (2015) resumed.


Fancies herself somewhat of a Mesoamerica enthusiast, but is only an amateur in this regard. Interested particularly in the histories of Native America, Latin America, Iberia, the Islamic world, and Byzantium.

Has a startling panache for camelids.


Filthy commie. Like fellow members e350tb and CELTICEMPIRE, she is also a user at CivFanatics.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, the eponymous character of Huehuecoyotl is the Grandmaster of Chapter GIMP and occassional voluntary guard of The Guild of Vexilologists and Iconographers, as well as a crew member of the Guild mothership Texture.

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