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shared_worlds:autobiographies_of_eternals Eternals : Autobiographies of Eternals

Compiled from interviews with specific Eternals. Made accessible to Eternals and the global public with the kind permission of the Eternals' Trust Archives at the Eternals' Trust Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Subject (i.e. Eternal) biography files seen below are organized in alphabetical order. The names/aliases used are those that are most commonly associated with a given subject.

Subject: 47

Subject: Alfred

Subject: Amelia Gutierrez

Subject: Aneirin

Subject: Apostolos

Subject: Ay'eyh

Subject: Benjamin Upham

Subject: Blackbeard

Subject: Bosch

Subject: Chuck Mandus

Subject: Daniel

Subject: Edward

Subject: Egyptian

Subject: E. T. B.

Subject: Fenwick

Subject: Francis

Subject: Freodhoric

Subject: Garrick Porter

Subject: G. B. W.

Subject: G'Len

Subject: Gregorios

Subject: Josef Schneider

Subject: Klaus Schoff

Subject: Lalli

Subject: Leo Fitzroy

Subject: Llywelyn Amerike

Subject: Loyalist Colonial

Subject: Lukas Merhoff

Subject: Marcus Valkert

Subject: Mark Faire

Subject: Modelcitizen

Subject: Nicolet

Subject: Ozymandias

Subject: Peter

Subject: Peter the Psephologist

Subject: Prometheus

Subject: Radulf

Subject: Raven

Subject: Saghatel

Subject: Saxon

Subject: Snowzinger

Subject: Th'And

Subject: The Blood God

Subject: The Bloodsinger

Subject: Tiberius

Subject: Timothy

Subject: Tochtli

Subject: Torque

Subject: Winston

Subject: Wizard

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