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VulcanTrekkie45 (VT 45)

Member that joined in May 2007. He is 20 years old probably a bit older, and is originally from Massachusetts, but is attending college in East Sussex, in the UK teaching English in Turkey, coincidentally sitting about twenty miles from the currently very pleasant nation of Syria. He is also a self-proclaimed madman.

Active in the Map Continuation project.

His pet nation is Ireland, and he, to the dismay of some of the other board members, always sticks up for this country that has unfortunately been swept under the carpet in OTL (except in every TL ever written by an American EVER with a POD between 50,000 BC and now - Thande). In most of his scenarios, Ireland plays an important role.

More recently, he coined the term Obligatid Caliphate as an FH cliche, as well as a final explanation for the most implausible TL's: “Why? Because I said so!”

He also champions New England increasingly often, especially since he doesn't live there anymore. He is currently working on an independent New England TL with Dan1988, another New England ex-pat. They irregularly clash with Blizrun over this.

And as one could guess VulcanTrekkie45 is fan of Star Trek. Back in 03 he begged his parents to let him have his ears surgically altered so that he could look like the fictional Vulcan race from the Star Trek series. Not really, but the thought did cross his mind.:-X

On the board, he is referred to as Trekkie, VT45, and VT, among other things.

VT45 was appointed as an MP for the Yorkshire Socialist Party following the 2008 elections.

He is also DarkSlavik's doppleganger. Plays vampire to DW's werewolf.

VT is also bilingual, and is learning four other languages simultaneously, for what it's worth.

In May 2014, VT decided to retire from the board due to personal reasons. Then, after over 3 years, he returned to in June 2017.

Regrettably, he was banned in early June 2020.



VulcanTrekkie45 posts maps rather frequently on the various map threads scattered throughout the site. He is unsure, however, if this qualifies him to be a part of the Mappist Cabal.


VT is currently writing Mind Coming Back to the Present, a story that has been described as a reverse ISOT. (A story that badly needs updating8-O)

He has also recently posted a couple of stories he wrote a few years ago under the collective title Star Trek - The Adventures of Elvar Amend. He means to write more of them, but is at the moment swamped with schoolwork.

In Fiction

VT has been featured in Wars, as a Celtoraptor field commander, who captures Landshark and Doctor What in the battle for Unilevercan.

In The Series, his only appearance to date is in Episode 4×21, “The Mapsiah”. He was a member of the crew of the MES Mercator, part of an elite group of mapmakers. He smuggles Thande aboard the Mercator, so that he may join the Mercator's crew as well. In return, VT was promised the coordinates of the most powerful Hibernowank TLs. However, once it becomes apparent to Qazaq2007 that Thande is aboard, he takes control of VT, and uses him and the other Mappists to try to sacrifice Diamond to the Mapdala. However, Thande breaks Qazaq's hold over them, and, with the arrival of the crew, defeat Qazaq, who falls to his death in the Mapdala, allowing Diamond to take command of the MES Mercator.

In Eternals, he portrays the character of Gregorios.

VT's character from the Mappist Cabal, seen in the “The Mapsiah”, is set to reprise his role in episodes of Enterprise.

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