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TimKeck84 came across the board August 19, 2006 after a night of drinking with his friends.

After stumbling over it a few times sober, he joined the 21st of that month. He currently resides in the hills of Pennsylvania and for some reason, likes it.

He spends a lot of time in the ASB forum and likes ISOTs that involve Pennsylvania or the coal country therein.


A Keystone in the Sea of Time - Pennsylvania is ISOT'd to the 1632'verse

May You Live in Interesting Times - A Photograph is worth a thousand Timelines (Edited by MrP)

Nation In the Winds - Based on the 1790 to 1390 thread, this is actually a story as opposed to a jumble of “articles” and thoughts.

Roleplaying in Shared Worlds

He portrays the character of Timothy in Eternals.

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