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shared_worlds:timothy Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 1534728 ("Timothy")

Session 1

I'm one of the lucky ones

I'm one of the lucky ones. My name is Timothy (after the Saint) and I was born in 1384 AD. My wife, Jesci, was born a few years after me and we've had a relatively quiet Four hundred years together.

Things have gotten more interesting recently, with all of this computerized bureaucracy, but when you helped to develop the systems, you know all of the back doors.

I can say that I've very much enjoyed my life. I have worked as a Doctor, Architect, Artist, Writer, Computer Programmer, Engineer (three different times), Politician along with hundreds of small jobs. I've always been fascinated with technology and to see what everyone comes up with.

Jesci and I have been parents at least fifty or so times. Our family, from the firstborn and the latest, all have continuing family lines today. They all learn of the secret when they turn 21 and nobody has betrayed us. Every thirty years or so we “die” and inherit “our” property. None of ours have been immortal, but several have married one.

Alexios, or whatever it is you're calling yourself now, you remember your father-in-law? Tall for the time, lightish hair, blue eyes, drank you under the table not two days before the wedding? From when you married Rachel in the mid 1600's.

You are older than I am, but I've been keeping an eye on you. I have a complete list of the family lines, which I know you lost in that building fire in the mid 1800's.

Well, it's time to go for now. My grandkids want my to play video games with them.

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