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Turquoise Blue

The Lady of Kaleidoscope Eyes, she's a creative person from Wales.

Named after the colour because it was a nice colour (and was French-sounding because she had an odd obsession with France). However it might be a subconscious connection to a major character in a book series she read, called “The Keys to the Kingdom”. The character in question is named Suzy Turquoise Blue.

Is a member of the Politibrits and the Politiyanks. Is generally on the left of the political spectrum in Britain and the far-left in America, even identifying as a socialist (possibly of the social democratic wing). Also a proud Welsh nationalist. Rather ironically, Turquoise Blue is a member of the Second Cordial Conservatives' Club.

Not to be confused with Transparent Blue or the other members with Blue in their name.

Her email is


Turquoise Blue has produced many works, many of which suffered from either lack of space (Viva la Louisiane!) or too much (The Handmaid of Divinity). The below seems to be the right amount of space and diversity, but who knows?

A Trivial List for Serious People: A future history timeline inspired by the crazy year 2016 was. The timeline starts from a familiar 2016 and slowly but surely goes off the rails.

Blue Flames Burn Brightest: The story of how a Celtic-dominated Britain became a multiethnical, multicultural, multilingual and multi-continental empire, lost some lands amongst the way, and became the Top Nation of a far different world.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, the eponymous character based on her is one of the series' main regulars, being the third mate and science officer of the MES-1 Allohistory.

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