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The Militant One

The Militant One joined in March of 2008. Since that he has been an active, albeit an unproductive member of He is also called

  • Militant
  • TMO
  • Militant One
  • Was called milly once


It is not entirely known where The Militant One comes from. It is known that is does hail from Southern California and was born in 1986. Although he won't outright tell other members of his origin, he does let out a minor piece of information slip on occasion.

Location and Occupation

It is suspected that he is somewhere in Asia involuntarily. It is suspected that he is a member of the American military because of his extensive knowledge in U.S. military operations and Air Force capabilities.

Allies and Enemies

For the most part, he gets along with everyone and usually sides with those who are similar with to him politically and religiously. He generally hates all those who are liberal reactionists and communists and will pick fights with them on purpose. However, in recent history, a blood feud has begun between TMO and Hashasheen due to the fact that Hash asked for TMO's resignation over party differences.

Politics and Religious Beliefs

He identifies himself as a Libertarian but is a registered Republican. He hates taxes but knows that they serve a purpose, he also doesn't care for welfare and other social programs. The Militant One also believes in the right of the second amendment but equally defends the first amendment.

On social views, he believes everyone has the right to be happy. He supports gay rights, women's rights, abortion, stem cell research, legalization of marijuana.

Religiously, he is a Deist. Though he did not discover this until he came to


Not a damned thing. He has commented on occasion, made a flag once but that is it. He was heavily involved in the long running FBWI “Well it appears that the second American civil war has begun” started by Ynnead.

Titles and Orders

  • Minister of Military Logisitics in the EVIL party

In Fiction

He is featured in

  • Max Writes
  • On Alien Shores by wanderlust
  • A few others that he can't recall.

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