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A member from New York. He should spell his name Sovereign, but it was apparently taken (there is no member named Sovereign; it must have been a spammer or something). Considered changing his name at one point, but didn't because Soverihn is such an awesome name. Also, he's Dominican -American and watches anime, like most of the board.

He is one of the the three S-kateers, the other two being Superman and SpanishSpy.

Soverihn's interests in history are broad, but he tends to gravitate towards the Middle Ages.

He knows a good deal about the Byzantine Empire, Spain, the early Ottomans and Latin American history (with a foxus on Gran Colombia, Venezuela and Dominican Republic) in general.'s trope master.

Not to be confused with Sevarics.

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Soverihn, a crew member and one of the five commanders of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on him.

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