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shared_worlds:timeline_ah.com_eternals Eternals : Timeline

This is a partial timeline of the events described in the discussion thread of the Eternals roleplaying series.

circa 14000 BCE: G'Len born, in what is now Ireland. Even the millenium is uncertain, but the sea level was low enough that Ireland was connected to England and England to Europe by land bridges. After several thousand years, he banishes himself from his tribe after an illness decimates them.

c. 6700 BCE: if we can believe her account, the woman now known as Amelia Gutierrez was born in Çatal Hüyük.

5085 BCE: Analytical Engine born in what is now Britain.

2885 BCE: The Eternal going by the moniker of Turquoise Blue was born in what is now Egypt.

2700 BCE: fortyseven was born in northern “Germany” (near the location of modern Lübeck).

2501 BCE: fortyseven blocks himself from the world and “sleeps”.

2300 BCE: fortyseven wakes up and begins travelling throughout Europe.

2257 BCE: fortyseven vists Egypt for the first time.

2257-2212 BCE: fortyseven lives in Old Kingdom Egypt.

2210 BCE: fortyseven visits the Middle East for the first time

2210-2164 BCE: fortyseven lives in the Akkadian Empire.

2162 BCE: fortyseven visits India for the first time. fortyseven sees The Southern Cross and Centaurus for the first time.

2162-2075 BCE: fortyseven lives in the Mature Harappan (Indus Valley Civilization)

2073 BCE: fortyseven visits China for the first time.

2073-51 BCE: fortyseven lives in Xia Dynasty China

2050-2028 BCE: fortyseven lives in the Yangtze River Delta

2027-2007 BCE: fortyseven lives in Sanxingdui on the Chengdu Plain

2004-1982 BCE: fortyseven lives in Madurai, in southern India.

2000 - 1000 BCE

c. 2000 BCE: Redem born. Spends a very long time walking the Earth - eventually reaching Korea.

1983-1962: fortyseven lives in the Indus River Valley.

1960-1937: fortyseven lives in Assyria

1953 BCE: fortysven observes the close alignment of the naked-eye planets.

1936-1892 BCE: fortyseven lives in Middle Kingdom Egypt

1900 BCE: Doctor What born.

1891 BCE: fortyseven returns to his homeland.

1800 BCE: fortyseven investigates Mt. Vesuvius. When it erupts, he tries to kill himself. He is injured severely.

1747 BCE: Fenwick born in Uruk.

1740-1681 BCE: fortyseven visits the Middle East for the second time. He lives in the Hittite Old Kingdom, Assyria, Old Babylonia, Meggido, Ebla, and Jericho.

1724 BCE: Fenwick survives an assault by his older brother, and the subsequent six weeks underwater in a well, becoming aware of his immortality.

1680 BCE: fortyseven visits Egypt for the third time.

c. 1627 BCE: The eruption of Thera triggered a volcanic winter.

c. 1620 BCE: Fenwick drafted by the Assyrian army under King Lullaya. Eventually escapes and becomes a traveler, living lives throughout the Middle East.

c. 1510 BCE: fortyseven visits India for the second time.

c. 1340 BCE: fortyseven visits China for the second time.

1310 BCE: fortyseven goes to “sleep” in his homeland.

c. 1200 BCE: Fenwick arrives in Athens, learns to read.

1000 - 1 BCE

c. 900 BCE: Blackbeard born in Olmec Tenochtitlan.

c. 950 BCE: Fenwick returns to the Middle East, spending time at the court of King Solomon. Continues to wander until fleeing westward from Persian expansion brings him to Rome.

c. 827 BCE: fortyseven “awakens” and begins traveling through Western Europe.

c. 773 BCE: fortyseven visits the Canary Islands aboard a Phoenician trade ship. He wonders what lies to the west of the great ocean.

c. 768 BCE: fortyseven visits (Northwestern) Africa for the first time.

c. 756-685 BCE: fortyseven visits Phoenicia, Egypt, Kush, and Sheba.

c. 684-652 BCE: fortyseven travels through the Indo-Gangetic Plain visiting some of the Mahajanapadas.

c. 650-601 BCE: fortyseven visits Zhou China and surrounding areas.

c. 600-590 BCE: fortyseven explores Japan and wonders what lies to the east of the great ocean.

c. 589 BCE: fortyseven journeys home.

c. 574 BCE: fortyseven is in his homeland and goes to “sleep”.

561 BCE: birdy born.

c. 500 BCE: Communist Wizard born. The presumed birth of Edward in Macdeonia. Fenwick settles in Rome, spending the next nine centuries there in one capacity or another - although often in far corners of the Empire for years at a time. Blackbeard attempts to drown himself, and ends up being washed clear across the Atlantic.

321 BCE: Mark Faire born in south Ostia as Marcus Flavius.

c.218 BCE: Edward Lives in the Roman Empire and becomes a Christian. Eventually flees to Ireland.

102 BCE: Atreus recognizes his immortality after surviving a battle during which most of his company of Roman infantry were killed.

70 BCE: fortyseven “awakens”.

88 BCE: After a further career as a Roman military officer and senator, Atreus departs Rome to wander.

c. 37 BCE: fortyseven visits the Canary Islands.

c. 30 BCE: Blackbeard becomes a Roman solider in Jerusalem.

c. 25 BCE: fortyseven arrives in Rome.

1 CE - 100 CE

c. 25 CE: fortyseven arrives in Alexandria, Egypt.

c. 30 CE: Jesus crucified at Calvary. Witnessed by LoyalistColonial and by GBW's parents in the crowd, and Fenwick and Blackbeard among the Roman garrison.

c. 42-82 CE: fortyseven lives in the Parthian Empire.

c. 50 CE: GBW born.

c. 83-134 CE: fortyseven lives in India.

c. 90 CE: GBW relocates to Byzantium. Later begins wandering around the entire Roman empire.

100 CE - 200 CE

127 CE: Syphon born.

136-187 CE: fortyseven lives in Han China.

188-193 CE: fortyseven lives in Japan.

197-249 CE: fortyseven lives in the Roman Empire.

c. 200 CE: Blackbeard arrives in China.

200 - 300 CE

256 CE: 47 visits Aksum.

258-295 CE: 47 lives in the Parthian Empire.

297-347 CE: 47 lives in India.

300 - 400 CE

349-361 CE: 47 lives in Jin China.

362-382 CE: 47 lives in South East Asia

384 CE: 47 visits Australia for the first time

394-437 CE: 47 lives in India.

400 - 500 CE

441-483 CE: 47 lives in the Eastern Roman Empire.

473 CE, December 26: Gregorios born in Constantinople.

476 CE: The last Western Emperor is forced to abdicate, ending the Roman Empire. Fenwick flees into the Alps and the northern European forests. Radulf born.

488 CE: 47 goes to “sleep”

492 CE: Radulf serving with the Ostrogoth army at Ravenna, but not as a combatant. After the Ostrogoths take the city, he is killed by an eternal calling himself Apollonios after having witnessed him fighting another immortal. After he does not die, Apollonios summons him for service.

491 CE: Gregorios is in service to the Emperor Zeno at the time of his death. He continues to serve under Anastasius I as a translator and emissary.

500 - 600 CE

518 CE: Gregorios is banished from Constantinople on charges of witchcraft due to his lack of aging. Begins wandering and establishes a new identity as Alexios the trader.

530 CE: Gregorios is washed overboard in the English Channel off of Kent, forcing him to abandon the Alexios identity and adopt the Anglo-Saxon name of Redwald.

c. 540 CE: Gregorios weds Breguswið of Kent.

567 CE: After Breguswið's death, Gregorios is tried for witchcraft. He cannot be killed, and so is banished. He re-assumes the name Gregorios for public use and begins to wander England, and eventually crosses to France.

600 - 700 CE

612 CE: Gregorios reaches Italy, and from there returns to Constantinople. He now calls himself Demitrios.

645 CE: Gregorios thrown to the lions after a failed mission to the Sassanids. Escapes the refuse-pit and begins to wander again.

700 - 800 CE

704 CE: In Iberia, Gregorios takes the name Alaric. Stabbed in the heart at the Battle of Septimania in 718.

721 CE: Gregorios reaches northern France, and takes the name of Sigiric. There, he inspires the writing of Beowulf in 725.

740 CE: Gregorios' Sigiric persona dies of alcohol poisoning. He flees to the Far East.

762 CE: Gregorios settles in Chang'an, taking the name Jian Zhuang.

785 CE: Gregorios takes off for Silla, in search of his sons who were conscripted by the emperor. Upon learning of their deaths, he flees north.

798 CE: Gregorios finds himself amongst the Yakuts, after wandering for over a decade. He takes the name Dülei. He became a tribal elder before wandering west once again.

800 - 900 CE

854 CE: Gregorios reaches Constantinople once again, and takes work as a sailor, patrolling the Aegean.

879 CE: After leaving Constantinople, Gregorios reaches Paris and takes the name Francois.

885 CE: Gregorios serves as one of 200 Men-at-Arms to defend Paris from the Vikings.

900 - 1000 CE

905 CE: Gregorios settles in Wessex as a farmer, taking the name Adwulf.

941 CE: Villagers, motivated by jealousy and rage over Gregorios' eternal youth, kill his wife and drown him in the nearby river. Eventually, he washes up in Ireland. Here, he takes the name Sean.

c.945 CE: Gregorios is accepted into the clan O Dubhda, and works as a sailor along the Atlantic coast trade routes.

c. 950 CE: Blackbeard returns to the Middle East, ends up fighting on both sides of the Crusades at different times.

966 CE: Daniel born in Alexandria.

979 CE: Gregorios fakes his death in a storm off the coast of Dublin. He swims to Wales and takes the name Cadoc.

984 CE: Aneirin born in Wales, son to Gregorios (at that time known as Cadoc).

993 CE: Gregorios is called to fight against the invading Anglo-Saxons, and dies after being caught under the castle walls when the defenders poured molten lead on the attackers. He left his wife and son behind. She dies a few months later.

994 CE: Gregorios finds himself amongst the Norse, and takes the name Sæbjörn the Red, where he got work on a longboat. Eventually, he's exiled to Greenland.

1000 - 1100 CE

1003 CE: Gregorios joins the expedition to Hellurland, Markland, and Vinland. He is one of the founders of the Vinland colony.

c. 1020 CE: Daniel leaves Alexandria after the death of his first wife. Begins wandering the Middle East and Central Asia, reaching China during the reign of Kublai Khan.

1021 CE: Gregorios leaves the Vinland colony to join the Micmac. He re-assumes his original name Gregorios, and marries a woman called Aponi.

1066: Edward joins William's counqest of England.

1081: Gregorios becomes the chief of his tribe.

1095-1099: Edward joins the First Crusade, then flees his post.

1099: Loyalist Colonial participates in the siege of Jerusalem, but got executed towards the end of the battle. He wakes up in the camp of Robert Curthose.

1100 - 1200 CE

1101 CE: Loyalist Colonial arrives in Portsmouth, becomes a close friend of Robert Curthose.

1105 CE: Loyalist Colonial, along with some other friends, undresses Robert in his sleep. He takes his place at Serlo's sermon, and afterwards leaves for Sardinia. Gregorios stows away with the Norse back to Europe when told that the Vinland colony was to be abandoned.

1108 CE: Gregorios takes the name of Jacques, and serves as an interpreter for the King of France. He eventually becomes the ambassador to Jerusalem.

1156 CE: Gregorios begins working as a serf at an estate in Ibelin. After taking the name Balian, he is mistaken for the historical figure. His fame eventually eclipses that of the original.

1168 CE: Fenwick fights with Valdemar of Denmark. This leads him to join a mercenary company in the Third Crusade. His immortality was discovered by some of the Knights Templar, and he was forced to flee to what would become the Swiss Confederation.

1194 CE: Gregorios reaches Constantinople, and takes the name Petros.

1200 - 1300 CE

1201 CE: Loyalist Colonial becomes a Shaolin Monk.

1204 CE: After working as a merchant for ten years, Gregorios is sold into slavery when the Venetians sacked the city. Eventually he is bought by Niccolo and Maffeo Polo.

1211-1215 CE: Loyalist Colonial is drafted into the Chinese army, and fights the invading Mongols multiple times. He is killed at the Battle of Beijing.

1218 CE: Loyalist Colonial is revived in a Mongol camp, and joins their army.

1219-1221 CE: Loyalist Colonial fights in the invasion of Khwarezmia.

1222 CE: Loyalist Colonial leaves the Mongol army, and begins traveling.

1229 CE: Loyalist Colonial finally arrives at his birthplace in Egypt, and ends up fighting against invading Crusaders. He ends up relocating to Jerusalem

1244 CE: Loyalist Colonial escapes the Siege of Jerusalem, at the hands of the Khwarezmia.

1248-1254 CE: Loyalist Colonial is once again pulled into the Crusades, and after they are over he moves to Poland in hopes of avoiding more wars.

c. 1250 CE: The Saxon plays at being a knight in Gascony and England.

1258 CE: The Mongols raid Poland, and burn down Loyalist Colonial's house. He moves to the Canary Islands.

1268 CE: Gregorios journeys to China with Marco Polo, under the name of Paulo. He served as their interpreter for the entire time that they stayed in China.

1287 CE: Peter is born to young parents of unknown social standing in one of the eastern comitates of the Kingdom of Hungary. Given to a Hospitaller monastery for education. His parents were never seen again.

1290 CE: Tadayo born in Sagami.

1300 - 1400 CE

1305 CE: Gregorios is freed by the Polos, and makes his way to Brunswick. Here he takes the name Franz Südenmann, and worked as a merchant. Eventually he marries the daughter of a local noble. Peter reaches maturity, decides he isn't really fit for the life of a crusader. He runs away from the hospitallers, becomes a drifter.

1310 CE: Peter is 23 years old, dies for the first time in his life at the hands of a band of outlaws. After regeneration, he can't fathom what he had just experienced, and writes it off as some sort of hallucination.

1311 CE : Peter dies for the second time after falling off a cliff by accident. He breaks every bone in his body and completely shatters his skull, but wakes up after some time, fully healed and regenerated. Since he died only after lying on the ground for about a minute, he still remembers what happened. On the next day, he repeatedly impales himself on his sword, only to heal back to normal again. There is little room left for doubt now : He has somehow become invulnerable. After thinking about the potential of his mysterious new powers, he decides to start hiring himself out as a mercenary, hoping to earn some cash. (By sheer luck, he never experiences the misfortune of someone chopping his head off in the upcoming centuries. Given the fact he didn't knew there were any other Eternals besides him until 2010, this is a nearly miraculous amount of luck.)

1312 CE: Peter fights on the king's side at the Battle of Rozhanovce/Rozgonyi (the current Hungarian monarch is Charles I. Robert of Anjou, the first Hungarian Anjevin). Peter uses his preserved Hospitaller uniform to disguise himself and blend in with the Hospitallers partaking in the battle.

1347-1349 CE: Gregorios loses his entire family to the Black Death. He wanders east, wearing a black cloak, staying just ahead of the plague wave. This inspired the image of the Grim Reaper.

c. 1350 CE: Daniel has moved to Sukhothai. Peter is in the service of Hungarian king Louis I. (Charles Robert's son), gains the reputation of a dependable soldier, partakes in the campaigns against Lithuania and greatly increases his overall archery skills.

1352 CE: Gregorios reaches Muscovy, taking the name Dmitri Gregorov. He becomes a farmer and womaniser.

1396 CE: Gregorios sleeps with and impregnates the wife of Andrei Kobyla, siring the Romanov line. He is banished from Muscovy for it.

1400 - 1500 CE

c. 1400 CE: The Saxon fights in the Reconquista.

1415 CE: Peter serves Albert of the Nagymihályi-Sztárai family, the vassal of duke Ctibor of Ctiborice, vassal of then Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxembourg.

1418 CE: Peter is forced to spend some time in the royal city of Prešov, where he meets and befriends his first great love, Katherine, the daughter of a mid-ranking family of local townsmen.

1419 CE: Bosch born at Bois-le-Duc, Burgundy.

1420 CE: Peter and Katherine are ambushed by an uknown assasin on a snowy day a few miles away from the town of Hanušovce (in the county of Šariš/Sáros). Katherine is struck by a crossbow bolt and they flee into the woods to find temporary shelter. Peter tries to track down the assasin and kill him, but isn't succesful, since the assasin is a master of stealth. After three days of hiding, Katherine dies due to severe infection from the wound, even though the bolt was removed shortly after the fatal incident. Peter mourns the uneasy loss, examines the bolt and discovers it was deliberately modified to cause as much infection as possible. He has to leave Katherine's body behind and go into hiding, but makes sure her family can locate it and give her a propr burial.

1422-1434 CE: After coming to grips with cruel reality, Peter decides he needs to forget. He enters the battlefields of the Hussite Wars, hoping the endless slaughter and carnage he's partaking in will help calm down his inner pain and anger. Most of the time, he fights on the Hungarian side, but he also doesn't mind becoming a mercenary for whoever pays the most, especially in the later stages of this bloody era. In 1434, after seeing the last stand of Hussites against other Hussites at the battle of Lipany, he returns to eastern Hungary, searching for a place to settle down.

1438 CE: Gregorios returns to Constantinople once again. He takes the name Constans Lampenos, and worked as a merchant.

1439 CE: Peter finally settles down for the first time in over 20 years. His new home is the royal city of Košice. He tries to burn his previous blood-soaked past and starts keeping a low profile, living as regular citizen.

1443 CE: During a mutiny on board his ship, Bosch is thrown overboard tied to a weight. He survives with a snapped ankle, burst ear drums, and ruined eyes. The ears and eyes healed by the time he washed ashore south of Barcelona.

1445 CE: Being confused about the theological implications of his immortality, Bosch joins a monastery. Eventually, he is made a scribe and begins to keep a detailed diary - at this time, he fears that he will begin to loose his memory even if his body does not age.

c. 1450 CE: Fenwick takes his current name while working as a teacher in France. He keeps it for the next several hundred years of wandering.

c. 1450 CE: The Saxon arrives in Constantinople, stays through the fall of the city to the Ottomans.

1453 CE: Bosch takes an assignment with missionaries to Granada, wishing to find a place where his lack of aging is not obvious and the Church does not proclaim Inquisitions. He disappears from the other monks during a riot, and eventually finds employ with a Florentine merchant, with the goal of reaching the Italian states. Gregorios is assigned to the defense of the walls of Constantinople. After the walls fell, he and his family escaped as the city fell.

1465 CE: Peter moves to the royal city of Levoča.

1472 CE: Bosch completes training as a lawyer and physician in Siena, and determines to accrue as much commercial influence as possible as a tool to locate other immortals, to maintain the Masquerade, and to effect positive social changes.

c. 1480 CE: Daniel returns to Europe.

1485 CE: Gregorios and his family reaches Spain, where he buries his wife. He takes the name Alejandro Diaz.

1487 CE: Peter once again moves from one royal city to the next - this time, to Bardejov in northeastern Hungary, near the famous trade routes to southern Poland. A week after moving in, he quietly celebrates his 200th birthday.

1492 CE: Blackbeard, Edward, and Gregorios return to the Americas as members of Columbus' crew. Gregorios stays on as a founder of the La Navidad colony.

1493 CE: La Navidad is sacked by the natives. Gregorios' grandsons are sold into slavery, while he plays dead. Gregorios hijacks a canoe, and heads for his old Micmac tribe. Peter tracks the famous outlaw band of Fedor Hlavatý after they send a letter full of threats to the town council of Bardejov. He is ultimately unsuccessful in his investigation, but participates in the final capture of Hlavatý a few years later.

1494 CE: Loyalist Colonial travels to the Americas with Bartholomew Columbus, and meets Edward and Blackbeard in the Americas. He also takes on the Spanish name “Josue”.

1500 - 1600 CE

1500 CE: After a long career as a banker, spanning two identities, Bosch funds some discreet investigation and locates Timothy and Jesci as possible immortals. After a meeting involving a lot of whiskey and a crossbow, they become friends. Timothy agrees to take a sabbatical in Italy and look after the money while Bosch searches Europe for more Eternals.

1519 - 1536 CE: Bosch plays tourist around much of Europe, meeting Ofaloaf in Germany to learn gunsmithing and purchasing some of Hieronymus' work in Bois-le-Duc.

c. 1520 CE: Edward returns to Europe and becomes active in the early days of Lutheranism.

1532 CE: After living with the Micmac tribe for nearly 40 years, Gregorios attempts to drown himself upon hearing of the fall of the Inca Empire.

1534 CE: Among the odd jobs that Gregorios takes in Rome, he ends up modeling for Michelangelo's Last Judgement Day. At this time, he was going by the name Luca di Greco.

1538 CE: While visiting a market in Vienna, Peter notices a young woman who looks exactly like his former significant other. He tries to ask her who she is and if they've met before, but she notices him and runs away. He pursues her, but since it's the biggest market day of spring, there are a lot of people in the streets and she gives him the slip…

1540 CE: Bosch joins Timothy and Jesci in Rome, finding that they have well managed the group's funds. They have also located Gregorios and informed him of the existence of other immortals. In addition, the founders of the Jesuit order are made aware of the existence of immortals via Bosch's confession, and asked to look for signs of any others during their travels.

1540s and 1550s : Still living in Bardejov, Peter becomes good friends with Leonard Stöckel - local scholar, head of the city's school and an early advocate of Protestantism in Hungary. Stöckel occasionally tries to convince Petike to convert to Luther's teachings, but he declines.

1552 CE: Lukas Merhoff born in the city of Dresden in the Holy Roman Empire.

1557 CE: Angered by the news of a recent succesful Ottoman offensive, Peter decides it's high time he picked up some arms again and went to defend the slowly shrinking kingdom. He moves to the royal mining city of Banská Štiavnica and tries to blend in among the other citizens.

1558 CE: Torque born.

1561 CE: Covertly fighting Ottomans for nearly three years, Peter finally gets a permit to join the city's militia.

1567 CE: After an Ottoman ambush in the vicinity of the city, Peter's unit is defeated. Peter and other 5 surviving soldiers are taken prisoner and dragged away by Ottoman slavers. In the following months, the six will first be moved to Serbia, then modern day Bulgaria.

1568 CE: Gregorios is sent to Holland to aid the Spanish in their war against the Dutch. He is shot near Utrecht.

1568 CE: Peter and one of the other survivors are shipped to Anatolia, each of them to a new master.

1569 CE: The Eternal's Trust is officially founded by Bosch, Timothy, Jesci and others, with the headquarters, archives and main storage vault at Lausenne. Providing support, funding, and new identities to eternals world-wide, the Trust consists of the member Eternals, a larger number of trustee normals (Ephemerals), and a still larger number of employees who do not know who they are really working for. The Trust's main activity for the first centuries of its existence is to locate all of the eternals in the world. Initially the Jesuits are the most wide-spread field agents, but their role decreases with time.

1569-1576 CE: Lukas Merhoff wanders around Europe, spending time in Strassburg, learning how to become a blacksmith. Eventually settles in Bordeaux.

1570 CE: Bosch leaves on a search for more immortals. Gregorios settles in Normandy and works as a farmer. He marries a local miller's daughter, and they have seven children. Peter is sold to a new, much more benevolent owner.

1575 CE: Edward goes to Japan with a Portueguese vessel. Peter's master has noticed he owns a very educated slave and decides to free him of most household and menial work and make him his personal scribe.

1578 CE: Peter's master officially releases him from slavery.

1579 CE: Being at Maluku, Edward is able to join Francis Drake's crew on their return to England. After parting with his former master and his family, Peter decides to travel. At first, he is thinking of going back to Europe, but he eventually starts riding deeper and deeper into the Middle East.

1582 CE: Peter spends some time in Egypt

1583 CE: Edward moves to Virginia, and later other of the Colonies.

1584 CE: Snowzinger born. After traversing the Lybian desert and then travelling along the Noth African coastline, Peter arrives in Tunisia. After spending some time here, he goes to Morocco and spends a quarter of the year in the country. When he finishes his stay, he joins a trade caravan headed south.

1585 CE: Bosch returns to Lausenne from a trip to India, Indonesia, Indochina, China, and Japan. He went on the report of several immortals from Jesuits, and found and studied with Tadayo in Japan. While passing through Nagasaki, Bosch encountered Edward amongst the European population of the city, but did not recognize him as an Eternal. Peter visits Timbuktu.

1587 CE: Peter arrives in Ethiopia, where he celebrates his 300th birthday. He stays there for about three years.

1588 CE: Torque shot during battle with the Spanish Armada at Gravelines and washed overboard; discovering his immortality.

1590 CE: Gregorios conscripted into the French Army during the Wars of Religion. Peter starts touring various east African countries, including modern day Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

1592 CE: Peter boards a trade ship in Zanzibar, leaves for southern India.

1593 CE: Peter is in India, treking aimlessly northward.

1594 CE: Gregorios is hit by a cannonball, and sent flying. He disguises himself as a civilian and flees. He returns to England for the first time since the Norman invasion over 500 years before. He ends up playing Romeo in the first production of Romeo and Juliet. He eventually becomes a formal member of William Shakespeare's company. Peter observes Hindu pilgrims and visits some of the more accessible holy sites of the various religions of the subcontinent.

1595 CE: Peter finally arrives in modern day Nepal, reaches the foothills of the Himalayas.

1596 CE: After a long and perilous journey, Peter finally makes his way through one of the mountain passes and reaches Tibet.

1598 CE: Peter is at a public ceremony, where he sees the 4th Dalai Lama (the only bearer of the title of Mongolian ethnic descent in history). Later, he has a short affair with a local girl, but she's killed by a gang of bandits, making him think about leaving Tibet behind and travelling further.

1600 - 1700 CE

1600-1604 CE: Peter travels across China, then Korea.

1605 CE: Peter arrives in Japan. His stay here will be rather short, since the resentment of the Tokugawa shogunate against foreigners (especially Europeans) grows bigger with each year.

1606 CE: Peter gets ahold of the first opportunity of travelling back to Europe, boarding a Dutch trade ship headed for Indonesia.

1606-1609 CE: Peter spends some time in Indonesia, explores Java and Sumatra.

1609 CE: Torque takes sail on the Sea Venture, bound for Jamestown. The ship is wrecked at Bermuda.

1609-1611 CE: Peter returns via another Dutch ship to Europe. He decides to stay in the Netherlands for some time and earn some money.

1610 CE: Torque arrives with the Venture's pinnaces at Jamestown. Remains in North America when the rest sail back to England, eventually settling with the Shawnee.

1611-1614 CE: Peter is living in the Netherlands, works as a vendor, merchant and even as a con-man : Playing alchemist to fool some naive customers and earn a little extra cash.

1613 CE: The Globe Theatre burns down. Gregorios leaves for Southampton, where he becomes a cooper.

1614-1617 CE: Peter moves to Scandinavia, works as an employee for the already diminished and declining Hanseatic league.

1617-1618 CE: Peter returns to westen Europe and works as a freelance travelling merchant, peddling goods between Germany and France. He has a short love affair with a young French noblewoman, which doesn't end well.

1618 CE: Peter finally returns to Hungary and realises a lot has changed since his departure years ago. Some things are still the same though : The Turks still pressing in the south, etc. Later that year, what would be known as the Thirty Year's War errupts after a defenestration in Prague. Hungary, even though a member of the Habsburg empire, never becomes an integral player in the war, since it has its own problems : Not just Turks, but an ever-growing number of noblemen uprisings, lead by low-ranking and high-ranking nobles alike.

1620 CE: Gregorios sails on the Mayflower, and helps found the Plymouth colony.

1621 CE: After some hesitation, Peter converts to Calvinism.

1623 CE: Gregorios marries Priscilla Mullins. Together, they would have twelve children.

1624 CE: Gregorios founds the town of Duxbury.

1625-1649 CE: Peter fights Turks, rebellious noblemen and various European armies during this period, both as mercenary or royal soldier of some sort. He meets George II. Rákoczi in 1631.

1652 CE: Daniel arrives in England when it is under Cromwell's rule.

1653 CE: Aneirin is shot by Fenwick during the First Anglo-Dutch War. Neither holds it against the other.

1654 CE: While visiting Český Krumlov, Peter sees a familiar face. He recognizes his girlfriend from the 15th century again and follows the mysterious young lady. After she disappears behind the corner and he finds no other trace of her, he writes off the whole thing as a hallucination.

1664 CE: Peter has a brief affair with Jelena/Ilona Zrínyi, the last heir of the Croatian House of Zrínyi.

1683 CE: Peter partakes in the defence of Vienna against the last great Ottoman siege in this part of Europe.

1685 CE: 47 “awakens”.

1686-1705 CE: 47 lives in Europe researching world history, Islamic Civilization, and Western Civilization. 47 learns Modern German, Arabic and Spanish.

1687 CE: Gregorios fakes his death, and is subsequently buried alive. It takes him a day and a half to get out of his grave. He later settles in Boston, and becomes a professor of linguistics at Harvard University.

1688 CE: Fenwick awarded land in Massachusetts following service to the British Crown. Settles in Salem.

1691 CE: Daniel leaves for North America, settling in Philadelphia.

1692 CE: Both Fenwick and Blackbeard see the Salem witch trials. Edward is one of the victims.

1695 CE: Peter sets off to travel the world again.

1700 - 1800 CE

1700 CE: The Trust has located all but the youngest immortals and those who are completely out of touch with global society, with a few rare exceptions like Peter, Mark Faire and Amelia Gutierrez.

1706 CE: 47 travels to the New World for the first time.

1707-57 CE: 47 lives in the Viceroyalty of New Spain researching the Mesoamerican civilizations. 47 learns Yucatec Maya and Kiche. fortyseven reads the Popol Voh.

1714 CE: In recent years, Peter has traveled various places in Oceania, South and central America. While in Mexico, he falls in love with a local prostitute. The relationship does not last.

1715 CE: Gregorios fakes his death to avoid curiosity about his age, and again is washed across the Atlantic, this time arriving on the shore near Bristol, Great Britain. He enrolls in medical school at Oxford University.

1716 CE: Peter returns to Europe via a ship headed for England. While in England, he meets with Daniel Defoe and tells him about him about the adventures he's experienced on his world-spanning travels. Defoe is particularly intrigued with the tale about being a castaway for a year and a half on some remote Pacific island…

1722 CE: While serving with the British Navy, Edward is stabbed and thrown into the ocean by The Blood Knight. Washes ashore on the Carolina coast around 1730.

1723 CE: Gregorios graduates in the top 10 of his class. He moves to Williamsburg, Virginia, and becomes the governor's personal physician.

1728 CE: While in Esztergom, Peter is attacked by an unknown man, probably a professional assasin. He draws his hand-and-a-half longsword for the last time in his life, fights the attacker, and eventually kills him. He then goes into hiding for about two years, affraid of being pursued by some mysterious organisation. Unbeknownst to him, the man he killed was a Rogue Eternal, a lackey/follower of the Blood Knight or one of his right-hand men.

1744 CE: Freodhoric born, to German-descended settlers in the Shenandoah valley. Becomes a hunter.

1747 CE: Peter notices the mysterious girl with the familiar face again in Kraków, but she flees.

1758 CE: Gregorios begins riding circuit in Virginia.

1759-1808 CE: 47 lives in the Viceroyalty of Peru and the Viceroyalty of Rio de La Plata researching the Pre-Columbian civilizations of South America. 47 learns Runasimi (Quechua).

1761 CE: Bavarian Raven born.

1768 CE: Gregorios treats The Militant One at a plantation along his circuit, and explains to him about his condition as an immortal. He then begins to wander.

1770 CE: E. T. B. born.

1773 CE: Freodhoric is part of Boone's settlement expedition to Kentucky. Gregorios settles in Boston, becoming a dock worker. He gets swept up in the Boston Tea Party, and dumps tea off the Dartmouth.

1775-1783 CE: Gregorios serves in the Continental Army during the Revolution. Peter visits North America for the second time, also decides to serve in the Continental Army as a European volunteer. During this war, he dies for the 15th time in his life.

1770s-1780s CE: Daniel serves in the US Revolutionary War. Blackbeard was initially a British Loyalist, but was shot early on.

1785 CE: Peter goes to France for a few years.

1786 CE: Gregorios and his family flees to Nova Scotia after Shay's Rebellion.

1789 CE: After the French Revolution goes hot, Peter, affraid of civil unrest and violence, leaves for Britain. Once there, he settles down for a few decades and only returns to continental Europe on minor occassions, not making a bigger trip until the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

1790 CE: Gregorios is conscripted into the British Army.

1792 CE: The Blood Knight is presumed contained after a mine is collapsed on him.

1795 CE: Gregorios, after being shot, takes the name Jan van Ende, and works as a merchant outside the Hague.

1798-1799 CE: Soldiers of Napoleon's Egypt expedition occupy Macarius' hermitage and most of the other water sources in that part of the desert. He is considered a crazy old Copt, but learns French. When contacted by trustees, he refuses to relocate and also asks that they do not contact him unless it is a matter of life and death.

1800 - 1900 CE

1806 CE: Gregorios and his family flee the Hague as the Batavian Republic falls. They resettle in Amsterdam.

1810 CE: Freodhoric heads further west, eventually reaching Idaho & Oregon. 47 travels to Northwestern Africa for the second time. Peter befriends Jane Austen.

1811-1819 CE: 47 researches the fallen kingdoms of Northwestern Africa.

1813 CE: Gregorios and his family flee Amsterdam for Essex, in Great Britain.

1815 CE: E. T. B. serves as a British soldier at Waterloo.

1817 CE: After the death of his dear friend Austen and the feeling of being tired by Britain settles in, Peter packs his belongings and relocates to Hungary.

1820-40 CE: 47 lives among the Nri-Igbo researching the Kingdom of Nri (part of modern Nigeria)

1823 CE: Klaus Schoff born in Germany.

1824 CE: Nicolet born in Albany, New York.

1825 CE: The Blood Knight digs himself out and beings hunting again.

1831-1836 CE: Peter returns to Britain for what was supposed to be a brief visit, but after hearing about the planned second voyage of The Beagle, he joins Darwin's expedition, claiming to be an amateur zoologist and skillful self-taught physician. During the expedition's stay on the Falklands and the Galapagos, he becomes enamored with both archipelagos.

1840 CE: Chuck Mandus born. 47 travels to Central Africa for the first time.

1841 CE: Schoff falls from a church steeple but is recovered by the Trust and helped to emigrate to America.

1841-1851 CE: 47 lives in the Kingdom of Kongo and the states of the Great Lakes of Central Africa researching them.

1842 CE: After returning home and living temporarily in various parts of the country, Peter settles down in Levoča for the second time in his life.

1843 CE: The Blood Knight attacks the five oldest eternals in China while they are meeting in Shanghai. Trustees identified him as he rested on a bench along the Bund, but did not have the resources to take him down safely. The five eternals were lost and the Blood Knight returned to Europe.

1843-1854 CE: Freodhoric works as a supply merchant in Oregon, California, and Alaska in between stints of gold prospecting. Develops a good business.

1844 CE: Another attempt to bury The Blood Knight ends with him tied to weights and at the bottom of a river.

1844-1846 CE: Peter befriends Ľudovít Štúr and his followers after they voluntarily relocate to Levoča (due to rising political tensions in their former college in Poszony/Pressburg). After having lots of lingustic debates with Štúr, Peter inadvertently influences the codification of modern literary Slovak.

1845-1875 CE: Bosch spends three decades playing explorer across sub-Saharan Africa, linking Eternals there to the Trust and telling stories of his wanderings to audiences of normals while back in Europe.

1847 CE: Nicolet recovers from an apparently fatal neck injury, but does not immediately recognize her immortality. Lalli is born as Lauri Metsälä in the town of Rauma in the Grand Duchy of Finland.

1850 CE: 47 meets Bosch.

1852 CE: 47 travels to Zanzibar for the first time.

1853-63 CE: 47 lives in Egypt researching Islamic Civlization. He's glad the the Pyramids are still around.

1854 CE: E. T. B. is in the British cavalry's Light Brigade.

1855 CE: Freodhoric places his business holdings under the watch of the Trust and heads for Japan. He meets Tadayo in Hokkaido and spends a long time studying the martial arts.

1861-1865 CE: Daniel fights for the Union during the US Civil War.

1862 CE: Schoff serves in a Union battalion during the American Civil War. While serving in the Western Theatre of the Civil War, he meets Captain O'Connor, who in reality is Gregorios. Gregorios reveals the existence of other immortals to him, and Schoff is recruited into the Trust.

1863 CE: Fenwick switches from the Confederacy to the Union Army midway through the Civil War. Peter starts his third visit of North America, travelling through various parts of the Union, occasionally venturing close to the frontlines. While near a rather sleepy front in the western theater of the Civil War, he meets a young German engineer working for an expeditionary force of the Union's European allies, a certain count von Zeppelin. The Union has a recon balloon stationed at the front and Peter and von Zeppelin idly discuss the future possibilities of flying machines.

1864-1868 CE: Peter continues his great North American trek, wanders around the lawless outskirts of the new western territories and witnesses the signing of the founding artciles of the Confederation of Canada on the 1st of July 1867.

1864-1894 CE: 47 lives in Damascus, Baghdad and Istanbul researching the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

1868-1871 CE: After travelling through the far north and befriending several native tribes, Peter finally reaches newly-American Alaska and after spending some time in Anchorage, boards a fishing boat headed for Kamchatka. In the following years, he travels through Siberia and continues befriending the local natives, particularly the Evenks and later the Yukagirs of central Siberia. In 1871, he finally returns home and notices the political structure has changed quite a bit (with the founding of Austria-Hungary and all). It would now seem he wants to take a break from adventuring, but already after a few months at home, Peter hears news about a certain Austro-Hungarian scientific expedition, preparing to head somewhere beyond the Arctic circle…

1872-1874 CE: After much careful planning and agitation, Peter becomes a member of the Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition (the only one ever organized). He works as a field assistant and documentarist at the Austro-Hungarian base on Franz Joseph Land (recently christened by the patriotic researchers after the current Austro-Hungarian emperor). Peter returns home in 1874 and is done with travelling or longer journeys for several years.

1876 CE: Nicolet attempts suicide, unsuccessfully, and is subsequently contacted by the Trust.

1879 CE: Peter settles down permanently in his homeland again for several decades to come. His new home is an unspecified smaller village in the central parts of the Zemplín county in Hungary (the specific area lies within the territory of modern day eastern Slovakia). He also adopts a brand new civilian pseudonym, “Molnár Péter / Peter Molnár”, which he has continued to use well into the 21st century (due to the relative genericness of the name, similar to the English John Doe, Joe Smith, etc.).

1880 CE: The Blood Knight returns to the scene, torturing an Eternal in Berlin and killing her trustee servants. The Trust orders a manhunt. Lalli had worked as a fisherman for many years, drowns by accident in this year when his ship is caught in a storm. His body drifts to Sweden, near the city of Gävle. There he wakes up and is quite confused at first.

1881 CE, April: Trustees in Cairo locate the Blood Knight, and keep him under surveillance while the strike team is rushed from Lausenne.

1881 CE, May: The Blood Knight is stopped in the Wadi el Natrun, but not before setting Macarius to burn alive. Before the knight can heal, he is sealed inside a thick metal box to await the Trust's final judgement.

1884 CE: The Blood Knight's box is dumped into the Antilles subduction zone in the Atlantic Ocean, as the deepest part of the ocean conveniently available.

1886 CE: While visiting some friends in Košice, Peter once again meets the mysterious girl with the face of his dead fiancée, but this time, they literally bump into each other. Both of them exclaim a quiet, yet suprised “You ?”. The young woman is in arms reach, but before Peter can try to persuade her to stay and talk, she swiftly departs. He gives chase and even yells “Kate ? Wait, please ! Stop !”, but she manages to outrun him. Peter is shaken by the fourth occurence of this bizzare encounter, but for the first time in centuries, he's finally sure about not hallucinating the whole matter. He starts to question his supposed uniqueness of being an immortal human and his worldview slowly starts shifting into careful speculation about the possible existence of other Eternals.

1895 CE: 47 returns to Lübeck.

1895-1914 CE: 47 lives a quiet life in Lubeck catching up on his reading.

1899 CE: Freodhoric helps evacuate the Europeans during the Boxer Rebellion.

1900 - 2000 CE

1900-1910 CE: Peter befriends Slovak aviation pioneer Ján Bahýľ, one of the first to construct and subsequently test a small functional one-man helicopter (nearly concurrently with Frenchman Paul Cornu).

1914-1918 CE: Daniel works for the US government's propaganda program during World War I. E. T. B. serves with the British on the Western front, and is captured by the Germans - spending 13 months in a POW camp. Breaking off studies at Oxford, Freodhoric serves as mechanic for the British air force. Fenwick protests the war. Peter serves on the eastern front as an Austro-Hungarian soldier.

5th February 1915 CE: While fighting in the snow-covered Carpathians, Peter dies for the 20th time in his life, after a stray mortar shell directly hits the older half-abandoned trench he was using for cover.

25th September 1916 CE: Peter dies for the 21th time in his life, after recieving a direct headshot from a Russian sniper. This is the last time he'll die during the conflict, making World War One the only war in which he died twice.

January 1917 CE: Peter is captured by Russians and becomes a POW.

October/November 1917 CE: Peter escapes prison and after some frantic searching, locates the headquarters of the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia and volunteers to join their ranks.

1917-1920 CE: Peter fights Reds in central Russia and Siberia as a member of the Czechoslovak Legions. Once their mission is finished, he boards a ship in Vladivostok with the others and starts his journey back home.

1920 - 1940 CE: Freodhoric is in India, learning from the teachings of Gandhi.

1921-1938 CE: Peter returns home and becomes a citizen of the first Czechoslovak Republic.

1933 CE: Peter joins the Czechoslovak air force, starts training as a future fighter pilot.

1935 CE: Peter is given the privilege of flying the Mk III and Mk IV Avia B-534 on a huge amount of endurance test flights. He really likes the plane.

1936 CE: Peter returns to eastern Slovakia and becomes a regular crewman at the airfield in Kamenica nad Cirochou, near Humenné.

1938 CE: E. T. B. continues his military service, joining the RAF.

1938 CE, November: Peter, already certain a new world war is brewing up, packs his most valuable possesions and emigrates to France.

1939 CE, June: Getting nervous about the situation in mainland Europe, Peter decides to relocate to Britain.

1940 CE: Freodhoric enlists with the British at Cairo. Peter participates in the Battle of Britain, flying Hawker Hurricanes and later Spitfires as a member of the three Czechoslovak fighter squadrons, specifically Squadron No. 310.

1941 CE: Fenwick is persuaded by Pearl Harbor to enlist in the US offensive in the Pacific. Trapped in a cave-in in Okinawa until 1950.

1942-1943 CE: After the Battle of Britain ends and the use of fighter pilots in the Western European theatre changes, Peter (under yet another new identity) goes to Australia, visiting it for the first time. However, he has not come as a tourist. He gradually becomes a member of the Royal Australian Air Force and flies fighter sorties in various locations of the Pacific theate. The CAC 15 Boomerang becomes his new favourite plane.

1944 CE: E. T. B. takes part in the Normandy offensive. Peter returns to Europe, then secretly sneaks back to Slovak territory under a new false identity and joins the Slovak National Uprising in late August. At first, he is just a guerilla fighter. Later on, he works as a recon and bomber pilot for the resistance's small air force. After the defeat of the uprising, he becomes a partisan footsoldier once more and heads off with the rag-tag remains of the resistance movement into the woods.

1945 CE: Freodhoric returns to North America, eventually reaching Cuba and meeting Hemingway. 47 helps liberate Dachau. Schoff takes part in an OSS mission in Czechoslovakia. After having fought in the resistance until the liberation of central Europe, Peter decides to stay in Czechoslovakia.

1949 CE: Peter emigrates again, after his hopes about the post-war development of Czechoslovakia fall apart. In the coming years, he lives by turns mainly in western Europe, Australia and North America.

1951 CE: E. T. B. serves with a tank company in Korea. Fenwick serves as a war reporter.

1955 CE: Freodhoric is attacked by a sword-fighter in New Orleans, and leaves the city for San Francisco. Here he picks up the money from the last seventy years of interest on his holdings. Schoff is finally released from the military, having worked since V-J day as a janitor at an atomic testing facility.

1959 CE: Having come into possession of several classified project reports from the US Air Force and General Atomics Corporation, the Trust begins to assemble hardware and personnel to construct The Runaway. The purpose of this spacecraft is to lift the Eternal population off of Earth in the event of the Cold War turning hot and making the planet inhospitable. It does require the covert acquisition of a considerable amount of plutonium.

1962 CE: Peter stumbles upon the mysterious girl for the 5th time, but there's quite a distance between them and he is unable to catch up with her on time. She gives him the slip by entering a local tram.

1965 CE: Bosch visits Macarius in the Wadi. After several weeks of discussion, the hermit agrees to relocate to a more empty desert, and begins to be educated in the technical knowledge required for an eternal to survive on Mars.

1967 CE: Freodhoric enjoys the Summer of Love, but is attacked again. Determined to be less traceable, he drops off the mortal grid and heads for Japan to request a new set of swords from Tadayo. Since then, he has been wandering the Earth.

1973-1974 CE: The Trust establishes a small surface base (“The Cave”) on Mars, by swapping their own craft for the payloads of the Soviet Mars 6 and 7 spacecraft. Two Eternal volunteer colonists, Nicolet and Macarius, are landed on the planet. Runaway remains in storage, but the Trust begins constructing a front satellite corporation to conceal additional launches.

1970s CE: Fenwick enjoys a stint as a bassist in a punk rock band. Has to disappear after an investigative reporter finds the history of people with similar names.

1987 CE: Peter returns to Czechoslovakia on the eve of his 700th birthday.

1989 CE, November: Peter celebrates the fall of Communism among the crowds in the city centre of Košice, then in Bratislava as well.

1990s: Blackbeard takes a break from fighting and spends a life as a used car salesman.

1998 CE: Fenwick's current alias is ready. He became a dot-com millionaire.

2000 CE - present

2000 CE: Peter is visiting New Zealand for several months, manages to get at least a dozen roles in the LOTR film trilogy as an extra (usualy as some redshirt soldier).

2003 CE: E. T. B. joins the military again, serving in the War on Terror (presently, he has since left combat).

2007 CE: Peter starts pretending to be a new student at the university in Prešov.

2008 CE: NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter begins surveying Mars at unprecedented resolution, making hiding the Cave problematic.

2009 CE: The Blood God, one of the right-hand men of The Blood Knight, is caught and interrogated by Bosch at the Trust's secret detention centre for extremely dangerous Rogue Eternals.

2010 CE: The Immortal's Tournament held in the remote Kimberley region, Western Australia. Gregorios proposes releasing The Blood Knight, with a view towards eventual rehabilitation. Peter is one of the few Eternals left to learn of The Trust and worldwide brotherhood of Eternals several centuries late, in December 2010. He is the first Eternal older than 75 to be discovered by the Trust since 1890. Eventually, in addition to him, many other new Eternals make themselves known to the global Eternal community and the Trust in the course of the following months and years.

2011 CE: January: The Blood Knight is released and nearly escapes, but a hazard squad of the Trust captures him before he can really get away. He is placed in a holding facility in Svalbard for interrogation and indefinite confinement. Search teams in Shanghai independently locate three of the five eternals he killed there in 1843.

2011 CE, February: The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter obtains pictures of The Cave. The Masquerade is broken, the Eternals reveal themselves to the rest of humanity, with Bosch acting as their main emissary and spokesperson. The Masquerade is ended. Trust assets are concentrated into Banque Le Duc, with Bosch as chairman. Bosch publicly demonstrates his durability, as do Valkert and others. (Valkert makes a fool of himself and is arrested thanks to help from other Eternals.) Nicolet and Macarius begin sharing information from Mars with the scientific community, and additional supplies are to be sent to them on a greatly accelerated schedule. Macarius very strongly denies being a saint, insisting that he is simply a monk. The Trust releases a census of Eternals (while the cover identities of most remain secret) and privately estimates that there will be roughly a million immortals by 2100. The Masquerade could not have been maintained for many more decades in any event. Among many early contributions of the Eternals to the rest of humanity is their cleanup of the malfunctioning Fukushima Daichi nuclear powerplant in Japan.

2014 CE: The Eternals organize another expedition to Mars, with Gregorios, Peter and his ladyfriend acting as crew. The goal is to bring reinforcements and manpower to Nicolet and Macarius and further reinforce the colonial and scientific base of the Eternals on Mars.

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