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A Quebecois board member, who defines himself as being Canadian and a Freemasonry enthusiast.


He also describes himself as a part-time gentleman member best known for creating the The Many Nations of North America TL, a.k.a. “How did you live the war ?”. He is also known for his numerous DBWI and sometimes incoherent posts (and several dozen unfinished projects.)

Redem and issues stuff

He maintains a mostly neutral/cynical outlook on most issues, although he either shuts up on them or expresses himself in questions most of the time.

Redem's Blog

The Henry Carey Project - A blog specializing in recounting the life story of Henry Carey.

In Fiction

Redem has appeared in several cameos in The Series and various spoof scripts. His main criticism was that he was over-Frenchified in them, rather than being shown as the proud Commonwealth citizen from Quebec that he is.

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s novel Extinction Event, in which he appears as Philippe Laroche, a college student in Montreal who gets trapped in the subways as a result of the Event.

He portrayed an eponymous Eternal (“Redem”) in a supporting role in Eternals.

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