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Hashasheen, is a member of the board from the Middle East, more specifically Lebanon. He is one of The Strangers. He is generally polite and helpful, unless you insult Lebanon, are Islamophobic or are just going full retard.

Currently (since July 12, 2011) banned at his own request.

Eternal Rivals

  • Godsown1991: A matter of rivalry over respective Strangerverse Timelines, this has ended as Godsown's lack on being on the forum resulted in his TL's death.
  • David Bar Elias: Also a matter of rivalry (started by Hashasheen) over their respective Strangerverse Timelines (a Jewish one and a Muslim one). Since David Bar Elias hasn't been on for a while, this rivalry has also ended.
  • Ryder: Grand Master of the Kralltonic Order, there was a short duel between Ryder's military organisation and Hashasheen's OMGWTFASB! powers, ending in the defeat of the former and a truce signed between Krall and Hashasheen.
  • Jord839: Writer Chimp for The Next Generation, all around Swiss-lover and substitute for Godsown1991, he was designated as the new Eternal Rival after a quip from Lord Genome.

The Prophecies of Hashasheen

The most famed (and true!) visions that came to the messenger and prophet known as Hashasheen, in chronological order:

1. July 4th 2009:

2. November 6th 2009:

Works of Hashasheen

Hashasheen has several works on the board, though most have unfortunately died out due to writer's block, time-constraints or boredom. In chronological order, they are:

1. The Second Rise of Carthage:

2. The Hashemite Strangerverse Timeline:

3. “My name is Legion, for we are many” :

4. Legacy of the Insane:

5. The GLA War:

6. WCW: The New Millennium:

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