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Canadian member of the board. Born in Nova Scotia, raised mostly in Alberta, and currently resides in Prince Edward Island.

Son of a retired CF (Air Command) NCO (Hence his name, which is a slight anachronism *note: with the renaming of Air Command back to the Royal Canadian Air Force, the name is now valid), RCAF Brat lives west of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He joined the board in 2006, and began posting in 2007. As might be imagined, RCAF Brat is somewhat knowledgeable about Canadian Politics and Military Operations. Most of his knowledge is misremembered or inaccurate.

RCAF Brat is also known for taking a large role in the threadjacking of Eleven11's nuclear hoax, as well for his moderate right and socially conservative views in Political Chat. Nonetheless, he maintains cordial relations with most board members and rarely has disciplinary action taken against him due to his civil behavior.

Relations with Other Board Members

RCAF Brat is determinedly anti-troll and generally against extremists of all stripes; this has led to his opposition to individuals like General Mung Beans and RealityX. The anti-troll part has occasionally gone too far, leading to a rebuke by the board's leadership, and a written warning from the Admin Himself. More to follow later.

Since he's sort of right-wing (for a Canadian), he is one of Zyzzyva's nemeses.


RCAF's first project died before it could really get started:

A Nastier WWII

His other dead projects include:

A 737 in the Sea of Time.

An untitled Mass Effect/BSG: 2003 crossover

However, not all of his projects die on the vine:

He has one live project on the go:

A Balance Disrupted A WorldWar/Mass Effect crossover in which the Race discovers that humanity was exterminated millenia before they (the Race) achieved space travel, let alone reached for the stars.

His completed projects include:

The Shepherd A dark Mass Effect fanfic.

Exiles A very short Star Trek/BSG: 2003 crossover.

The New Guy, The Recruiting Office, A Soldier of the Third World War and To turn upon Your own Short stories set in Matt Wiser's Red Dawn fanfic universe.

Notable Quotes

How's about a cup of tea? - Used in his attempts at hijacking troll threads. Most infamously Eleven11's "nuclear hoax" thread in 2008.

Originally a response to a threadjacking question posed by Roberto.

Appearances in Fiction

In The Series, he had a minor role in the Season 4 finale THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN. His character survived his initial appearance on the show.

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