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Ephemeral ( Eternals)

In Eternal parlance, an “Ephemeral” is any mortal person. Due to historical developments and certain contextual shifts in Eternal vocabulary, the term is nowadays used primarily for mortal employees of The Trust. These are known as Ephemeral Trustees or just Ephemerals.

Ephemerals in The Trust

Though many of The Trust's employees are Eternals, the majority of them are Ephemerals. Every Ephemeral working for The Trust as an internal employee or field worker was automatically contacted and recruited after he or she had learned the truth about the existence of Eternals. No Ephemeral employee of The Trust was allowed to disclose info on Eternals to the local, national or global public. These two rules concerning Ephemeral Trustees were dropped after The Reveal occured in early 2011.

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