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American member, mostly associated with Shared Worlds and Discussion, and overseeing the annual Turtledove Awards between 2008 and 2016.

Claims to Fame

Glen is known for starting large, ambitious timeline projects, often joint projects with others, and driving them forward to a conclusion. Often innocent bystanders are roped in to help. He is also one of the most avid players of Mosaic Earth.

For several years, he was a moderator (together with Max Sinister) in almost every subforum of Shared Worlds, and was a moderator of the reworked, post-2016 version of Shared Worlds as well, for a while. Some time in 2016 and 2017, he gave up his moderator privileges, since he wasn't visiting the board or moderating that much in recent years (since around 2014 or 2015), due to personal busyness and busyness at work.

In years past, Glen was the Official Most Postingest Member and former holder of the Coronis Lupus Incánus. Thande has taken the title from him on March 4, 2008, a Date that Will Live in Infamy.

He has a little daughter named Sarah who starts to get into AH. (See "Sarah says" thread.)

Quite the Doctor Who fan too, as seen here and here.


a.) Timelines

b.) Shared Worlds

  • Also started “Sweet Dreams - 1983 USA in 1783” in the ASB forums. A well-done TL which can be accessed here: Sweet Dreams

The Mosaic Earth nation most associated with him is his Kingdom of New Granada from Mosaic Earth 7.

His timelines and Mosaic Earth nations are often associated with optimistic, progressive or utopian ideas.


  • NO CLAIMING!! WE HAVEN'T STARTED YET!! (In Shared Worlds.)

In Fiction

In The Series, Glen has yet to feature, except in a very small cameo appearance. Conspiracy theorists find this suspicious.

In the episode THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN, he was given a more major role as the High Lord of Terror, most senior political leader of the Administratum of Ban. However, he was almost immediately killed by the ASBs when he tried to back out of their scheme.

Glen featured in Luaky Commer as one of the 'Mosaic Earth grandmasters' and in Wars as the leader of Mosaic Earth 1 (the equivalent of Kamino).

He also has a brief appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

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