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Rogue Beaver

“Cautious Canuck” from Montreal, and regarded as an alright guy by mmmeee0. Kennedy buff, along with Emperor Norton I. Contributor to post-1900 and PolChat. Political junkie, especially Canadian, American, European and Australian politics.


RogueBeaver is best known as a Blue Tory and conservative Republican, though partial to reforming centre-leftists such as Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Matteo Renzi, Gerhard Schroder and Tony Blair.

Thoughts on posters and sigs

Most Siggable Posters
Honourary Sigs

Ian on Hate-Crimes Flame War: Boys, please play nice with each other or I'll have to spank you. In a totally straight heterosexual way.

Abdul on Northstar: But I understand that this is due to insecurities that I would have too, had I your obvious intellectual limitations.

Abdul on Shaky Cam: Epileptic photographers, evidently.

Abdul on Prison Franchise Denial: I love Christians. They're so forgiving and tolerant.

Leo on Louisiana interracial couple: “Living in a Latin neighborhood, I often make time to engage in a bout of brisk Latino beatings, at least whenever my schedule permits. It's the most dangerous game”

Abdul on Failed-State Ottoman Cliche: So “Sick Man” is not really appropriate, it's “Gang-Raped Man”.

Imajin on Nude Marge Simpson: “I want documentary evidence that the ink consented to be used in such a manner: otherwise it is rape.”

Leo on Obama's NPP: “Since when did it become against the law to state undeniable facts? What sort of horrible PC thought policeman are you?”

Emperor Norton on Bill Clinton's roving eye: “Secret Service to kitchen; we have a “hammock” at the podium. Repeat, we have a “hammock” at the podium. Bring ice immediately; the League of Women's voters isn't going to like this.”

Thande on Unsecured Pakistani Nukes: “I'm sure the Pakistanis have excellent bike locks…”

Falconshark on Attempted Klaus Ouster: “Meh, everything sounds evil once you're East of the Channel. It's like everything sounds angry in Japanese.”

Beaver's Laws

1) There are always ballistic questions on assassinations, no matter how inane.

2) Blue Dogs have no spine, Southern Democrats vary.

3) Canada is always viewed as a liberal paradise, no matter who resides at 24 Sussex

4) Senators-turned-POTUS are parliamentary ignoramuses. When they're gurus, the manure hits the fan.

5) Pessimistic conservatives lose. Optimistic ones win.

6) Political ability always trumps resume in general elections.

7) When in need of event security, hire an Israeli firm.

8) When controversial social policies are discussed, the chances of Administrative intervention grow closer to 1.

9) If a DBWI says “X City Nuked”, do not open. Invariably there is a CSA or a General Secretary GMB.

10) There are no political saints, only varying degrees of sinners.

Beaver's Favourite Quotes

“Education is like alcohol, some people can't take it.”- Maurice Duplessis

“There can be no liberty without economic liberty.” - Margaret Thatcher

“Santa is Thande.”- Ryder

“ Conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription.”- Mackenzie King

“ If you want to be filled with Pablum and tranquilizers, vote for some other candidate.”- Robert Kennedy

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