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An American member from California, Fenwick joined the board after randomly finding it. He was born and raised somewhere, obviously, and doing something at some point. Fenwick is not the most outlandish member of the board, but he does however throw around his opinion, and the rather odd PODs out when ever he can.

He is also notable for being a criminal defense attorney in real life, and will often offer interesting opinions and stories about the legal system in Chat threads.


Every so often he writes down a story, but he never seems to be able to finish it.

As he likes a lot of existing comic book lore, he has created several alternate history or alternate universe versions of existing or made-up superheroes. Some of them include:

The Batman - A story series about a very down-to-earth, low-tech version of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Essentially, Batman as an impoverished rich kid, who fights crime with improvised gadgets and a greater focus on his detective skills.

He's also written an comedy story, I F***ing hate Grey Wolf !, which features members as superheroes.

Shared Worlds Projects

He is however, increadibly well known among the gamers of the main thread of the Shared Worlds. Described as cunning, calculating, and always a step ahead, he is most definately a shared world's veteran. Considered by some to be the most respected (and feared) player of the main.

One of the roleplays he had participated in was Eternals.

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