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shared_worlds:loyalist_colonial Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 2993258 ("Loyalist Colonial")

This file has been approved by the leadership of The Trust for Eternal and Ephemeral staff members visiting the databases of TETRA.

Session 1

The Loyalist's first two millennia (788 BC - circa 11th/12th century AD)

(I was born) 2,798 years ago, or 788 BC.

I was born and lived like all those during that time. My first “death” was when I tried to take on an Egyptian raider group. I was revived somewhere in the Orient, where I spent my time until roughly AD 25. I had begin to suspect by now that I was immortal, but I wasn't that far in what one would call an education, even after nearly 1,000 years of life. Sure, I knew how to do physical things, but I had no concept of time. So, anyways, I traveled to Rome (on foot, I think I died once or twice along the way) in AD 25. I got there around AD 32, and watched some guy who I'd later find out was some “Jesus” character be crucified.

After that, I traveled through Europe, until settling down in the northern tip of the island of Britain. I kept a low profile, and began to be less and less interested in physical work and fighting, until I decided to try and get an education. I think this was sometime around AD 122. I learned Latin, and began studying various literature, spending most of my time in libraries in the southern end of the island of Britain.

I kept an eye on educational endeavors, but eventually got bored, and decided to participate in one of these “Crusade” things I'd been hearing about. It was around that time that I met an Eternal besides myself. His name was…

Session 2

To Jerusalem, England and Sardinia (1099-1106 AD)

When I arrived in Jerusalem in 1099, I could be what one would call a plethora of all current human knowledge. Studying for about 800 years would do that to you. That, and I wasn't to shabby a fighter. Having to deal with Viking raiders every so often does that to you. But, back on topic: I assisted in the the siege of Jerusalem, and was there when the Kingdom of Jerusalem was established. I got my head lobbed off, and woke up in the camp of one Robert Curthose. That's how I eventually ended up landing in Portsmouth in 1101. So I hung around with this guy for a while, it's not like I, being immortal, hadn't already done almost everything at this point (having been alive almost two thousand years by this point). Then, in 1105, I helped some of his friends undress him in his sleep so that he would have to miss a sermon by the venerable Serlo. I turned up in his place, and after the sermon slipped into the crowd, and eventually found my way to Sardinia in 1106.

Session 3

Crusading, Orient-trotting, crusading, relaxing, naval adventures (1106-1494 AD)

After serving through a few Crusader campaigns alongside the Immortal Edward, I decided that it was time to return to the Orient. I found my way into a place called Fotuo, in 1201. I joined this monastery, and learned their ways, albeit slowly. I was there for about ten years, until a large war broke out nearby. On a visit to the local town to pick up some food from a family that had offered to give some, I was forcibly conscripted into some sort of army. We were facing a large army of nomads, it seemed. Luckily, my experience in the Crusades and my recent learning of Kung Fu allowed me to pull through without dying until 1215. I helped hold a seemingly important city for months, before the nomads finally broke in and killed everyone, including myself. I awoke in a hospital four years later, in 1218, ironically now in the care of the nomads. They didn't seem to realize I had been working with the enemy what felt like a few hours before. I reluctantly signed up to become one of them after I heard that they were headed for Europe. I had the pleasure of fighting in the invasion of Khwarezmia, and was on multiple occasions the accomplice or participant of a massacre of innocents, particularly at a place called Urgench. I managed to leave the army, and arrived in my homeland again in 1229, where it seemed that once again there was a war going on. It seems there was some sort of “Roman Empire” (I knew the original Romans, and these were not like them) invading Egypt.

In response to this, I backtracked a little, arriving in the quaint city of Jerusalem in 1230. I decided that I needed a little rest, and indeed, received it. All was quiet for me, until in 1244, the very people I had fought against when employed with the nomads attacked, and laid siege to the city. I jumped into the water to avoid being captured, and walked on the sea bottom until surfacing somewhere on the Italian coast. I was pulled into another crusade a short while later, what would be known as the Seventh Crusade. I reluctantly fought in the thing, but returned to Europe as soon as possible, which turned out to be in 1254, ten years after I ran from Jerusalem. I decided that the Western and Southern parts of Europe were extremely too violent for my taste, and moved to an area called Poland. Of course, it was only my luck that only five years later the nomads (or Mongols, as I'd learned to call them) attacked, or rather raided the very place I resided.

Angered at all this violence surrounding my life, I traveled all the way to a few islands off of Iberia, and attempted to settle down. I lived out in an empty field, but eventually neighbors came and went, and people died, and soldiers came through, until a long, long time later, a group of Spanish soldiers came through and established a city called “Real de Las Palmas”, in 1478. I lived with the new residents, and learned a few new languages “Spanish” and “Portuguese”. I continued living there, and finally decided in 1494 that 200 years of peace was enough to last me a while, and I wanted to adventure once more. I joined a ship voyage, and befriended a man by the name of Bartholomew Columbus. Together, we traveled to a far away place, where I had never visited before. A long voyage across a very large sea, and we came to a place Bartholomew named “La Isabela”, which in it's later years would come to be called “Santo Domingo”.

Session 4

From the Fifteen Hundreds to Modern Day (1500s AD - Present

Having already lived 2,500 years, this little stretch of five hundred years, which is of quite some interest to many historians, passed just as quickly as the rest. I eventually abandoned Columbus on that little island, and ventured along the ocean bottom, daring to go farther than the rest. Eventually, I did reach my destination, the Americas, as they would later be called. Somewhere around what is now Texas. I joined the local Indians in my area, and lived in peace with them for nearly two and a half centuries. I kept many alive with my medicinal skills which took bits from Oriental and European traditions. Even a few secrets that had been lost to the world through the unforgiving tide of history. But even an Eternal's skills was not enough to save the small tribe. By the time they died out, the Spanish were just getting their grubby little hands into the area we had migrated to (West Texas). I ultimately decided to rejoin the “civilized” Europeans, this time in the form of the Spanish. With their support, I moved down to the coast, and lived at first as an Indian immigrant. But as the years went by, the people who remembered where I came from died, while I lived on. My reputation soon morphed into that of a doctor and a hermit.

I heard some vague rumors of a few wars up to the North, but they were of no concern to me, and I simply lived in this small town, which got much larger over time, in contented isolation. But, it seems I live in cycles, and eventually I got bored with my lush retirement. So, when I heard that this country named “America” (quite arrogant, to name yourself after the continent) invaded Spanish possessions in the Caribbean, I decided to get involved. I got my head cut off by some man by the name Roosevelt somewhere around San Juan Hill. By the time I revived myself, I decided to move to the area of Panama for some rest. But I couldn't seem to get rid of that damned Roosevelt man. Seems he became President of America, and before I could blink, the place was crawling with these Americans!

In another attempt to get away from them, I moved to Brazil. A few tiny years of peace, and I decided to sign up for a little expedition to explore the Amazon. And… I'll be damned, Roosevelt reared his head again, in the flesh. The expedition started off fairly well, but soon everyone began getting sick, and one member murdered another. I wouldn't finish it with them, though, as I slipped and fell into the river, being killed once more. I would later wake up alone and travel back to the coast, and I decided to move to France.

From there, I decided it was much more prudent, what with all these battles going on wherever I happened to be, to become an arms dealer. So, from France, I dealt with the French, the Germans both times they invaded, and finally the Americans at the start of this “Cold War” thing. Around the sixties, I was finally lured to the Americans by this “counter-culture” movement, and, well, I indulged. A decade of drug-induced stupor passed without much memory to it. Since I was unable to die, I was able to be on some sort of drug all the time. But after using it for nearly fifteen years, I became bored, and went cold turkey, and decided to move on.

Over the centuries I have accumulated quite a bit of money, and over time have learned to predict human nature. These two factors combined to allow me to make a large company, and then subsequently make quite a bit of money over the last few decades. I was rather surprised when the secret of the Eternals came out. I wasn't quite aware that there was that many other Eternals. I had crossed paths with Edward three times in a five hundred year period, but he was the only one like myself that I ever met. With many Eternals coming to the light, I sat back and watched the events unfold with quite some interest.

Session 5

I have many names...

My character maintains his original, Egyptian birth name as a last name, and throughout the ages has adopted different first names in order to fit in with whatever society he happened to live with. If the other Eternals knew about him (which they wouldn't), he would be recognized as “Mr. Akori”. In modern day America, he probably goes by Frank or something.

As for telling his story, I haven't made as many posts as others, but he's spent a little over millennium in everything from the Crusades to the Second World War.

Session 6

The forgetfulness of Edward and getting in touch with The Trust...

Bosch: Forgive me - didn't Edward tell you about The Trust ? He certainly told us about you. We would have sent a couple of trustees your way, but he said he'd take care of the briefing.

Loyalist Colonial: He didn't. Also, when was The Trust formed ? The last time I saw Edward was around the 1500s, if I remember clearly.

Bosch: The Trust was officially founded in 1569, but Bosch had been looking for Eternals since the late 1400s. Edward moved to Virginia in the 1580s. A trustee located him a few decades later in Massachusetts, which is when we learned his story (that trustee's grandson helped Edward recover after he was burnt during the Salem Witch Trials).

Loyalist Colonial: Given that Akori disappeared for about two hundred years (unless there was another Eternal with the Indians), then became a Spanish hermit for another hundred or so, I think there might be a chance that the Trust is unaware of him.

Bosch: There were several Eternals in North America at that time, and by the mid-1800's, the Trust had found pretty much every old immortal in the world. Even a century before that, only hermits and a few people in the middle of Africa had been missed. Of course, being aware of Akori's existence is not the same as knowing where he is at any given moment. Quite a few immortals are only known to the Trust by brief files describing how to recognize them in case they need assistance. Bosch himself was out of touch with the rest of the Trust for a decade in the 1800's when he went on safari.

Loyalist Colonial: What do the Trust files look like ? If I could, I might try to do a write up of Akori's file. I'd like to go into some detail about the development of his personality over the years.

Bosch: At their most basic, they are a name, age, picture, list of places of residence and languages spoken, and notations on current accounts with Banque Le Duc and other Trust holdings. More detailed biographies are compiled as available, and personal effects are held in the various vaults. For example, Bosch's journals are sitting in the vault outside Lausanne. Since the Trust has gone public, there is an option to have an electronic version of your biography posted on the web, but that is only done at the request of the eternal concerned.

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