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shared_worlds:47 Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 1593935 ("47")

This file has been approved by the leadership of The Trust for Eternal and Ephemeral staff members visiting the databases of TETRA.

Session 1

Introducing 47

I was born in the vicinity of the modern city of Lubeck, Germany, in the early 2700s BCE, during the Copper Age, according to the Gregorian calendar. The area I lived in was home both to the Corded Ware and Globular Amphorae cultures. In my first “life”, I was a fisherman, a warrior, a husband, a father, a chieftain, a high priest, and ultimately a priest-king. I'll show you my conical gold hat sometime. Oh and a cult grew up around me . I naturally have a special outlook on religion I've saved religious minorities when I could. Jews were the most in need of saving. Hmmm I saved Jews from Christians in times of the later Roman Empire, Jews from the Muslims in Caliphal Levant, the Jews in Al-Andalus, Jews from various pogroms. I fought the Nazis of course. I helped liberate a few concentration camps. In my lives, I've alternated living a quiet life with an exciting life, alternated always travelling and living settled down, alternated living in cities and living in the country.

Personal information

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