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Communist Wizard

A Far Leftist member active in political chat (formerly) and shared worlds, Communist Wizard brought a Marxist-Leninist view to AH.Com. While intelligent and an interesting contributor in many respects, his complete opposition to the democratic process would make him disliked by some on the Chat forum and would later lead to his banning over the Ahmadinejad elections of 2009. However, he was unbanned after a conversation with Ian. He then decided to give up on the Chat forum.

He is also sternly opposed to most forms of human relationships, holding instead that an individual is better served by improving themselves through education and other productive habits. He is rather vocal about this, and it has been known to cause… friction with other board members.

Works and Contributions

Communist Wizard was working on the timeline NETAJI, where the Indian political leader and revolutionary Subhas Chandra Bose receives help from “the odd man” to start a revolution during WW2.

Shared Worlds projects

Communist Wizard also for a long period of time participated in the major Shared Worlds games, but to the dismay of many members of the Shared Worlds, he bid farewell on August 22, 2011. We of the Shared Worlds will always remember him as an increadible mentor, a brilliant map moderator, and as a fellow player of the Shared World's main forum.

He will be missed greatly in the SW.

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