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A Canadian timeline started in 2009 and still ongoing, written by Dathi Thorfinnsson. You can read it here.

Winner of a Turtledove in 2010

Premise and POD

It is an attempt at a reasonably realistic wank of the nation of Canada, with it remaining recognizible enough as “Canada” to anyone from OTL. The first little PODs occur in the 1790s and the first major ones in 1812.

Other names for this TL are “UltraCanada” and YACW (Yet Another Canada Wank).


All links are to If you access the site via www. or either of the .net urls, you may have to edit the links appropriately in your browser.

I'm setting up the ToC in chronological order, rather than the order it was originally posted in. Basically, the order it SHOULD have been posted in.


War of 1812

aka Mr. Madison's War aka 1st Anglo-American War

Start of the war

Indiana, 1812, first major difference

Sidebar on the French settlement in Upper Canada.

September/October on the western front

Fall 1812 on the Niagara Frontier: Brock survives

Winter 1812/3 in the Northwest: Remember the Raisin.

Winter/Spring 1813 Northwest

Naval action/preparation on the Lakes, 1812

Miscellaneous, winter 1812/3

Spring Thaw, 1813

Interlude - November 1812, Montreal


Interlude 2

Interlude 3

May 1813

Recruitment 1st half 1813

Naval/coastal action 1813

Retcon: fixing the state of Sackett's Harbor

Relations with Indians and the Northwest, 1813

Lake Champlain, late summer 1813

Northwest, early fall 1813

Interlude, health care (Florence/Nightingale)

Peace talks, Mark 1. FAIL!

Provisioning patrols summer/fall 1813

Creek War 1813, early 1814

US reforms

Illinois territory, summer/fall 1813

Winfield Scott, Niagara and Winfield Scott, Niagara

Indiana, summer/fall/winter of 1813

Naval matters on Lake Champlain October/November 1813

Addendum to the Lake Champlain campaign

Naval building race Lake Ontario - winter 1813/4

US finances (and here)

Attack on Buffalo, December 1813

map as of 1 January 1814

Attack at Niagara, December 1813

Illinois and Missouri, fall/winter 1814

The Gathering of the Nations (A guest post by Fosterab, edited)

minor retcons

Winter 1813/14, western frontier

another map

interlude/cold joke

Early Winter and Spring campaigns: The West

other campaigns early 1814

Peace talks, Mark 2

Events in New England, summer/fall 1814

US status, spring/summer 1814

Battle of New Orleans

Sidenote on Andy Jackson

Peace Treaty, 1815

Post War map

After the War

rest of the world

Prince William

War of 1842

aka Mr.Clay's War aka 2nd Anglo-American war and lead up thereto

Preparations for the new kingdoms

Capitals of Canada and New England

Retcons (rail, capital name, St.Paul, Nightingale)

War Preparations


US preparations for War ; part 2

British Preparation

Start of the War

Allied Response and addenda and P.P.S.

Allied Command, coordination, NE clarification

Lakes theatre (1)

Indiana (Protectorate) Theatre, part 1

Mississippi theatre (part 1) and retcon and addenda

Tejas theatre, part 1

Tejas nomenclature

Battle of the Sabine (Tejas theatre, part 1a)

Atlantic theatre, part 1

General guerilla warfare

Mississippi theatre, part 2

Samuel Morse and the Electric Telegraph....

Indiana and Great Lakes theatres, part 2

Political developments

Atlantic theatre, part 2

Tejas theatre 2

Reactions to events

Indiana theatre, part 3 ~Jan '43

League deliberations

Indiana theatre, part 4 ~Mar '43

Atlantic theatre, part 3 early 43

Mississippi theatre, part 3 : January 1843

Mississippi Theatre, part 4 : January-early February 1843

Mississippi Theatre, part 5 : February 1843 //et seq.//

Florida theatre, part 1 (December 1842-June 1843)

Great Lakes theatre, part 3 (December 1842-July 1843)

Chronology of the war so far

Politics and Diplomacy, part 1 – spring '43

Atlantic Theatre, part 4 – New York area, spring/summer 1843

Florida theatre, part 2 : August-October 1843

Indiana theatre, part 5 : Fort Francis and vicinity, April 1843

Dan's map of the old Connecticut claims

Great Lakes theatre, part 4: Summer-Fall 1843

Indiana theatre, part 6: February-March 1843

YALP – Yet Another Logistics Post : 1843

retconned ammunition supply

Indiana 7, US efforts (April onwards 1843)

Indiana 8 (raiding, April-onward '43)

Indiana 9, riverine warfare (May '43)

Indiana 10. riverine warfare (May-June '43)

Chronology of the war so far.

Tejas 3 (Mar-Jun '43)

Firearms: a technology update

Human Resources

Indiana 11 land (May-end of summer '43)

Tejas 4 (July- early September '43)

Tejas 5 (Mexican Peace Talks)

Indiana 12 (Fall and Winter '43)

US economics (to the end of '43, and beyond)

Peace Negotiations

After the 2nd War

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