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Timelines and Scenarios

This is a database of alternate histories created on this discussion board by its members. We try to update it as often as we can.

Timelines grouped by historical period

All the timelines are listed alphabetically in each of these groups. The group the timeline ends up in is based on the timeline's Point of Divergence (PoD). For example: If the timeline's PoD is in the year 1377, it should be listed on the “Dark Ages and Medieval” page. Therefore, while many timelines may span centuries or even millennia, they are listed according to when or how they started to diverge from OTL.

  • Future: Future history. Roughly the present and everything beyond.

Timelines grouped by category

  • TLIADs: TLIADs, or TimeLines In A Day, a particular vignette style of timeline that became popular in 2013.
  • Vignettes: Shorter, one-shot, one-post forms of timelines and AH narratives.
  • Timelines: Interesting or notable timelines created outside of the board (but often by its members on their personal websites).
  • List of Countries by Timeline: A list of all countries and territories in the world, with each having a subpage detailing the country's appearances in a timeline (sorted according to whether the country plays a key role in the timeline or only makes occassional appearances).

General Discussions on Timelines

Oneshot Scenarios - Various ideas for alternate history scenarios.

The Official "What was that TL called ?" Discussion Thread - Can't remember the name of that TL you were interested in a while ago ? Visit this thread and ask for help, maybe someone will be able to give you some advice.

TL Planning - A general discussion thread for anyone who's developing a timeline.

TL ideas you have, but lack the wherewithal to execute - Something for a little inspiration, if you're looking for it.

TL ideas you have and DO have the wherewithal to execute - Something for a little inspiration, if you're looking for it.

The non-fleshed out alternate scenario ideas thread - Something for a little inspiration, if you're looking for it.

Ideas you have that you're too busy to do... - Something for a little inspiration, if you're looking for it.

TL concepts you want to see - A discussion thread about stuff that's probably not been done yet with the alternate history genre (at least not on this board).

Quirks you put in your timelines

Describe Your own Tentative timelines (pre-1900) - Speaks for itself.

Which TL would you like to see adapted ? - Speaks for itself.

What are your works on the board ? - members do brief presentations of their writing projects and also make recommendations for the works of other fellow members.

What TL hasn't been done that you would like to read ?

Timelines that have stalled that you'd really like to see continued

What nation/peoples/ethnicities deserve a timelime

When you read a TL, what matters more to you, Realism or Storytelling ?

Post-independence African TLs ?

Discussions on timeline pages on the wiki

Timelines Page - Discussion from 2008. Do not necro !

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