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stories:ah.com_the_creepy_teen_years : The Creepy Teen Years

Conceived by Ynnead, TheDarkMessiah, and some others as a sort of Highschool AU of the Regular Forum, and possibly inspired by AH.Com The Series and its spinoff The Next Generation. So far, it has four seasons, one still in progress. AH.COM:CTY has potential to be a long running standard. In it's short freshman season (8 episodes) it ran through two editors, Ynnead and randomideaguy.

NothingNow announced that he would come on as the Series's third editor and revived the series for a second, sophomore season. The revival had been met with great approval from its fan base, and with the help of many writers the revival seems to have caught on, with the series being nominated for and winning Best Continuing Series at the 2011 Turtledoves.

A Third Season aired in 2011-2012, to much critical acclaim. During the third season, the writer FDW started a subscription service to enable easier access to the series episodes, it currently has over 2 dozen subscribers.

A fourth season is currently airing, and durring the off season between seasons two and three specials ran on a roughly two week on, two week off basis.

Has a tvtropes page here.

Recurring Characters

CTY has a very large and diverse Cast. Hence only Recurring Characters are listed here. Characters with asterisks after their name are part of the “main” cast who have stayed relatively consistent through the shows run, and tildes mark characters that joined the main cast in season two. Further edits (to be introduced), will show characters who joined the cast in Season 3 and 4.



Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Summer Specials

Beach Episode (2011)

How to Acquire a Cameo

There are Three ways to get a Cameo:

  • PM a Writer or Editor
  • Request one in the Thread for an Episode, or the Main CTY thread. (Still PM a Writer or the Editor, just to make sure.)
  • Do something that makes one of the Writers want to give you a Cameo.

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