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An American member who joined in 2009, hailing from Florida, with a bad habit of capitalizing words at random, and what may just be a Cuban fetish. Rather fond of Hockey for an American, but well, Tampa Bay is an odd place, as he likes to point out.

Politically NothingNow is irreverent, self-interested asshole who likely refuses to admit anything save a firearms fetish and a general affiliation with the far-left. He hates the American trade embargo against Cuba, and can be at times vocal advocate for Cuban statehood, whether they like it or not, because it's likely the best deal they can get. Strangely, he can be and often is an Advocate for the Castro government, noting that it's not as bad as people think, and likely better than the array alternatives at the present time, and has a good ready argument for it, along with Cuban statehood. He'll totally be the first to admit that it's pretty ASB, and slap someone's shit with merry glee when they bring up a Confederate Cuba scenario, or the like.

Usually lurks in Non Political Chat, FH, or ASB, but often ends up in Political Chat anyway, where he can be quite Argumentative. Especially about Hockey, or Floridian Politics. Occasionally kicked, but usually with a valid point, and now he's kinda mellowing out.

Liked DBWI and FBWI threads, and used to be highly involved in them, as of late however anything involving the Pre-Columbian Americas will draw NothingNow's attention, and possibly hold it for a couple of days.

NothingNow has recently revived AH.Com The Creepy Teen Years starting with the second season, coming on as the Editor, and part time writer.

NothingNow has a habit of getting obsessively involved with things, only to drop them at a moment's notice, usually after a few weeks to a month. The sole exceptions thus far have been a gaggle of RPs, Sticking with a Sure Thing (only by dint of repetition,) and CTY.

Of late he's tried and failed to write more fiction. Knowing the sort of shit that his CTY episodes were, one can only hope he's less inspired writing them.

Banned by Ian in early October 2015, after he made one too many passive-aggresive comments in a row about a select group of people. He had previously stacked up several kicks for the very same reason.

Timelines and other Projects

NothingNow had 2 main timelines in the works.

The Royal Cuban Timeline, or, A Cuba-wank - “On hiatus, pending a revision, someday before the heat death of the universe.”

Sticking With A Sure Thing - “An unusual TL focused on Ford Motor Company placing more emphasis on Sedans (Saloons), Station Wagons (Estates), and Small Cars in place of Sport Utilities, The POD being Ford deciding to sell the AU Ford Falcon in North America, with the most notable results being the Ignition of a new Muscle-Car war among the Big Three and Ford being the most fuel-efficient Automaker in the US, thanks to the North American Ford Ranger Pickup. Yeah, it's that kind of Timeline. Incidentally, 4,011 hours and 27 minutes after he said he'd get Chapter 14 up shortly, and 286 days after the last update, Chapter 14 appeared. Now, That's Procrastination. 201 days later, it was officially declared dead pending a major revision.”

Also worth noting is the Latin Pact stuff, mostly maps and some vehicle stuff scattered about. While NothingNow admits it would be a fun and awesome TL to write, at this point he admits to being far, far too busy being a hilariously large fuckup at college and having other priorities, and might not get to it until the Baktun after this upcoming one.

The VVS in Cuba project is something like the Latin Pact stuff, but slightly more deranged, and currently mostly focused on the Aviation side of things.

Apperances in Fiction

Appears in AH.Com The Creepy Teen Years with a Cameo in Episode 1×07 “THE REASON WE SHOULDN’T LET FENRIR WRITE MORE EPISODES” and then became a regular in Season Two, after taking over as editor, and occasional contributor.

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