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Representing cynicism at its best, joining in in the late summer of 2008. She can be summed up as an enigma of indigenous bead work wrapped in a question of treaty rights.

Works and Contrybutions

She has started a few TLs and stories that are unfinished and will probably remain that way. The exceptions were her main projects of The Time of Crows and Children of the Sun, but these have since been discontinued due to the Wampanoag Incident.

As well as popping up in discussions, particularly in “Before 1900” and the “AH Writer” forums, othyrsyde is also working on doing drawings and other artwork for Jared's TL Lands of Red and Gold.


othyrsyde is probably a lefty of some variety, and champions multiculturalism, language preservation, and indigenous rights.

When the AH government was still around, she announced her association with FFF, but made it clear she hadn't joined their ranks; and had also shown an interest in supporting the efforts of DISPPR. othyrsyde was once firmly against nobility, but now doesn't really care.

In Fiction

A character based on her has appeared in The Creepy Teen Years.

The eponymous character of Othyrsyde, a crew member of the MES-2 from Enterprise, is based on her.

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