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A former member from Germany (Hesse to be precise) since the days of the Old Board, where he was known as Pascal Schmidt (his real name, since that tricky board displayed that). He is best known for his contributions to political discussions, and in particular political discussions with his fellow Germans. Don't call him Susan, unless you are Fellati O - despite the name, he is male. He takes the name from the Japanese kami Susano-o. However, lately, he has accepted his place in the House of O.

Known for occassionally bad or even very abd typing, resulting in many typos.

He is the only person on earth who understands the HREGN, now that Metternich's dead.

Was banned in 2011 due to his views on Turks in Germany.


Susano is an avid political discutant, despite his reputation of having some hot button topics that can set him off (and can get him kicked, at times). He represents some (especially for Germans) uncommon views. He names himself a Left Nationalist (or, as his user title said for a long time, a Leftist German Imperialist), and advocates direct democracy, ethnic borders, extreme social liberality, EU disintegration and closer German ties to Russia and China. In terms of political parties he mostly supports the social-democratic SPD, but has often stated he is unsatisfied with any established party, due to his odd mixture of views. Lately (Federal elctions of 2009) he has hinted on support for the Pirate Party. His principal discussion opponents at are:

  • Steffen: A conservative supporting the conservative CDU, the other main party in Germany. Also advocates a hostile relation with Russia. On the other mostly hand agrees about topics dealing with nationalism, even if he is in principle in favour of the EU.
  • Max Sinister: While Max agrees with Susano's views on social freedoms, he is an anti-nationalist.
  • Hendryk: Hendryk is the principal advocate of EU integration on the board, and some of his discussions have become quite heated.
  • Abdul Hadi Pasha: Accuses Susano of anti-turkism. Susano accuses him of anti-germanism.
  • Zyzzyva: Nobody's really sure why.

Apart from that, Susano is usually at the forefront in the discussion with the various Polish Trolls that appear on the forum.

He won the 2007 “Predict outcome of US election contest” with “Obama beats McCain”, at a time when most people had written off McCain's campaign and Obama was well behind Clinton. He has therefore been appointed Official Election Kwisatz Haderach. Politics

Susano is the founder and leader of the Federalist Federation of Federalists Party which contested the 2007 Elections and won two seats in the Parliament. Seeing as he stood as a Presidential Candidate in those elections and garnered a reasonable number of votes, he was invited by Acting President Sargon to join his Cabinet as a Special Cabinet Minister. Susano accepted and is now the Minister of Federal Affairs. The FFF again won two seats in 2008, one of which Susano filled up. He was a main actor in the formerly ongoing Crisis of 2008.


Susano, Duke of Wisconsin, Zheijang and Shanghai, Archbishop of Orthodox Sheephism, Landgrave of Hesse, Earl Marshall and Lord Lyon, Archprince and Archbuttonbeserker of, also Margrave of Belopol'skiy Crater and Herold and Sergeant-at-Arms of the Moon, also Landgrave of East Anglia and the Upper Peninsula, Count of Bedfort and Hertford, Königstein and Cerro Gordo, Imperial Vicar of Alsace-Lorraine, General of the Hessian Mercenaries, Patriarch of the House of O,

...and the rest.

Alternate History

Susano has contributed surprisingly little to actual alternate history. At least is now writing an own timeline, It's a Royal Knockout, but even that is updated infrequently at best. Besides that, he is active in Shared Worlds, where he is noted for usually taking a German-culture nation.

The Susanoist map standard is named for him, as he is considered the most outspoken proponent of it.


Susano supports the simplification of languages. This generally leads to good natured banter with P and Thande, who prefer to operate on a system of si non confectus, non reficiat, as the Patrician would say. P has theorised that Susano has a plan to devastate the British Education System, and that Susano is thus unaware that it's already a right mess. ;-)


Tried to establish an own board religion with the Church of the Google Spider once. Long, long ago. Likes to take up Variation Threads even when they have been done to death already, and combine them. Formalised the practice of memetic mutation. Maintains the Peerages for the time being.

He is also a big fan of Babylon 5, the innovative TV Science Fiction show which was the brainchild of J.Michael Straczynski. He is also very knowledgeable and takes an interest in other sci-fi as well. At times, this results in shortlived obsessions, which may or may not creep into the forum - be that Shadowrun, The Elder Scrolls, Starcraft, WH40K, Battletech, or whatever…

Since recently also known as “the Elephant Man”, resulting from a wacky attempt by a conspiracy of AH.commers to troll rightwing troll Sulayman by claiming his (Susano's) bad typing is the result of Elephantiasis and hence grossly swollen fingers.

After Ridwan Asher started making Susano-like German/Germanic complaints about confusing “Malay Race” with “Malay”, Thande theorised that Susano was actually a former President of Indonesia, on the grounds that most of them had names of the form Su…..o (Sukarno, Suharto, Susilo, etc.)

In Fiction

In The Series, Susano appeared in the episode DON'T MENTION THE PORN, HAIR TODAY, GOTTERDAMMERUNG TOMORROW, and CITATION NEEDED as part of the Germans, eventually becoming their leader. As captain, he is somewhat unpopular with his crew for continuously blowing his top with the people they are doing mercenary work for and thus getting them chased out of town without being paid. However, he is always quick to praise the crew for their work (if not their politics). Earlier he also had a few more minor walk-on roles in other episodes requiring German extras.

In Wars, Susano appears as the Sebulba analogue.

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