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Blue Max

General Info

Co-Author of the prototype shared_worlds_technological_encyclopedia, along with Mmmeee0. Tends to frequent the ASB, After 1900 and Future History threads.

Aside from the Technopedia, Blue Max has only created one story, Red Skies over America, but plans on further writings and joining in Shared Worlds with his technological and financial bent. He has aided and assisted HSB in his last two SW games. Prior to this, he also enjoyed Venice's A Fantastic New World SW game. Blue Max is considering joining future SW games.

He is a valued contributor with over two thousand posts. Max's First Law appears to be a definitive answer for many ISOTs, although many ASB threads use the theme regardless. Max's First Equation builds on the idea, creating a sort of formula for this exercise.

Blue Max is famed for creating detailed, reasonable posts, particularly in threads relating to Star Wars and 1984.


Blue Max is the founder of the End of Dystopia Map Game which he vowed to improve upon Crayhistory's ASB Colonization Map Game.

Blue Max's recent attempt at a Timeline, Dark Perfection has been canceled, due to a lack of interest. Undoubtedly, Max will attempt another project in the future.

He also created name_change_registry although it doesn't appear to be updated at this time.

American Administration is BM's first foray into the Shared Worlds Forum; this is a serious attempt to model the United States drawing back from previous attempts and ironically, starting with a idea created by General Mung Beans. Despite all fears, AA had real staying power. Successfully concluding with a election and a new President, the sequel Game AA2 continues with the newly elected President taking office.

With the disappearance of the President, Blue Max opted to explore a concept he had previously discussed with HSB, that of a Nazi victory scenario. This project THE BLACK TABLE is in its early stages but always looking for new players.

Wiki Pages Created

Blue Max has created several wiki pages, at the request of other users. These include:

His own.

He is generally willing to help others if PMed, although it is very difficult for him to do the detailed research on other posters. Max generally wants posters to contribute to their own wiki pages so as to flesh them out with their own insights.

Comments on Blue Max

“Your first post in most threads is usually filled with win… I know for sure whenever I see your post in a thread in the ASB section, that I read it because of how detailed it is.” August_Akuma


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