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Lord Roem

A British poster from the Yorkshire town of Barnsley, Lord Roem is seen by many as the man needed to bring the Labour Party kicking and screaming into the 1950s. A former student and SU leader at the LSE - he briefly moved to a researcher in the House of Lords, and currently works for London's transport authority. Roem currently resides in Southwark, where he occasionally fights crime in the mid-19th Century. Outside the forum, Roem is a fan of decent coffee, real ale and country walks, and not a fan of Doctor Who.

An active member of the Labour Party, according to Thande, he is a reincarnation of the 1950s Labour Party Leader, Hugh Gaitskell in terms of politics, though according to both off them, in physical appearance he looks like a UKIP candidate.

Not to be confused with Lordroel.

Works by Lord Roem

  • Well Enough Alone, a Turtledove Award-winning update to the well known dystopia For All Time.
  • For the Sake of a Shower, dealing with the aftermath of the assassination of Margaret Thatcher by the IRA. Currently unfinished, but hopefully not for ever.
  • Use Your Loaf!, postulating a different career path for Joseph Chamberlain.
  • Agent Lavender, a joint novel with Meadow detailing the aftermath of Harold Wilson, Prime Minister and Soviet intelligence officer, fleeing the country on a cold November day in 1975. Went on to win numerous awards in the 2014 Turtledoves.
  • The Limpid Stream, a TLIAD (Timeline In A Day) that was not quite finished in a day, postulating a world where Lenin is assassinated in 1917 soon after his return from exile. Russia comes to be dominated by prominent figures in OTL's diaspora.
  • Shuffling the Deck, a joint TLIAD with Meadow in which Churchill's death in 1942 leads to his successor, Anthony Eden, coming to power over a decade earlier than OTL. Eden's successors all seem curiously familiar, but there's something different about them…
  • Wheear 'ast tha bin sin' ah saw thee?, a TLIAD where the earlier fall of John Prescott leads to a far more competent regional devolution agenda being taken by Mo Mowlam. By 2014, the Yorkshire Assembly is an entrenched part of the increasingly decentralised United Kingdom.

Relationships with other Board Members

Roem has a personal friendship with TheDarkServant as well as Meadow. Despite very different political views (aside a mutual feeling of the need to re-nationalise the rail network) and coming from the opposing sides of the Pennines, he gets on fairly well with Basileus Giorgios and his protégé Blackadder mk 2, who he intends to use as a Manchurian Candidate-style sleeper agent to destroy the Conservative Party. Recently posted photos with Makemakean in a pub, apparently a meeting of the Society Of People Whose Physical Appearance Is The Opposite Of Their Political Beliefs.

In Politics

Meadow has appointed him Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

In Culture

He is one of the founding members of The Politibrits, usually providing obscure parliamentary trivia.

He has come to dominate the Member Doppelgangers running joke with the literally thousands of 'Roem Clones' that everyone seems to encounter in their daily lives.

Since October 2013, Lord Roem is also the front man of's first virtual band, Dogs of Flanders.

Appearances in Fiction


Roem has become rather fond of using visual images in some of his timelines, which you can find below.

Lord Roem's Photoshop Stuff

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