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Big Tex

A board member since late 2007. He's the board's most well known Texan member (outside of a certain banned member that no longer counts). He is most well known for his many promising but never finished works and the ongoing ASB epic, the United States of Ameriwank. Also for his position as the Duke of Texas and the board's geographer (but not cartographer!).

Personal stuff

Tex is from Houston but currently attends Texas A&M. He is a geography major and plans to put geography back on the map as a respectable science and skill. His first step in that plan is the creation of Dr. Tex's College of Geography which has since (like most of his other works) fallen on the way side in terms of posting. However the effort is there as is the originality which is good enough to earn him a seat on the Science Team (he thinks).

Tex is a Christian and moderate right, however he often avoids political chat threads.

Despite living in Texas, going to Texas A&M, and coming from a republican area he is not a Republican. However neither is he a liberal or democrat. In fact he didn't participate in the last election as his professor rescheduled a test for election day. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it gives him the moral trump card regardless of the presidential outcome and result of said presidency. Besides, Tex is destined for Washington DC in fall of 2009 for an internship so change will come to DC then anyways.

Tex is a prolific (or prolific in board standards) sports writer. He is also the CEO, owner, president, and emperor of his sports website, which like so much else, has fallen on the wayside. Luckily he is able to jusify that with his work at the student newspaper where he covers random sports stories but also handles summer editing duties. He recently started the third incarnation of his column writing in the form of a word press (shudders) blog. It can be found here.

When not AH'ing or writing for the various projects, he's fishing, writing, watching sports, or pimping hos.

AH.Com Politics

Initially weary of politics he, like everyone else, took the dive when he was bored unaware what this would do to his schedule on days where he was not so bored. Tex began his career in politics as a co-founder (along with HUCK) of the Confederate Wank Party. After starting the CWP he took the title “Duke of Texas” and joined the peerages. By 2009 however the CFP had suffered from lack of involvment and Tex was beginning to think he had escaped politics. Then LightInfa sent him a fateful PM asking for his support for the Federalist Federation of Federalists (FFF) Party during the upcoming Landsraad elections. Instead of pledging his support, Tex outright joined FFF and was greatly involved in the increased numbers of users that swelled the FFF's ranks giving them a landslide victory in the Landsraad. To reward him for his work, Tex was granted a Landsraad position by the FFF in the American Peerage.


Tex began his time here at writing many alternate sports stories. While that has evolved into Ameriwank and other interests, sports still comprises a large part of his life. Just so there is no confusion, here are Tex's list of team's worth a damn in his mind.

Beloved: Astros, Texans, Oilers (NFL), Aeroes (AHL), Royals, Rockets, Texas A&M

Liked: Alabama, Chiefs, Canadiens

Hated: Cowboys, Stars, Mavericks, Yankees, Mets, TU. of Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Cardinals, Blues, Rams, Baylor


For whatever reason, Tex has become a relatively large supplier of cameos in recent months. Perhaps he has hit a characterization snag or perhaps it is all a gigantic scheme to acquite more readers and to be liked. Whatever the reason, here is a growing list of members who have made apperances in Tex's works.

August Akuma: Dr. August Sonoreal of the University of Indiana in Ameriwank. Also August Sonoreal, a reporter from the Indianapolis Star in Twin Eagles.

Checkmate113: Dr. Matthew Davis of the University of Chicago in Ameriwank

Count Dearborn: ALT Fraternity Member in House

Doctor What: ALT Fraternity Member in House

Elle-Jay: AHX Sorority sister in House.

EvolvedSaurian: Mayor of the town Texas A&H University is in (Alt. College Station?) in House.

Imajin: Dr. Daniel Brannigan of Harvard University in Ameriwank. Also the alluded to but not yet written about Henri d'Imajin.

Ironyuppie: AHX sorority sister and Landshark's girlfriend in House.

Johnjacques: ALT Fraternity Member in House

Jord839: Dr. Jordan Schneider of the University of Wisconsin.

Kilngirl: Sister in the AHX sorority in house. Also the alluded to but not written about “Kilny Affair” in China.

Krall: General James Fitzmaurice of the Irish Catholic Republic in Ameriwank

Landshark: ALT Fraternity Member in House

Luakel: As Dr. What's Roommate in House

Mmmeee0: Redshirt pledge candidate in House

Midgard: ALT Fraternity Member in House

Seldrin: Texas A&H Tourguide in AH.Com House

Solomaxwell6: Dr. Solo Maxwell of Skidmore University in Twin Eagles.

Thande: ALT Fraternity Member in House

Wanderlust: Wanda McRed-O'Fax of the United Irish Society in Ameriwank. AHX sorority sister in House.

Wolf: Dr. & Head Coach Wolf Scott-Cohen of the University of New Mexico in Ameriwank. Also ALT Fraternity Member in House.

Zyzzyva: CBC Reporter John Cruikshank in Twin Eagles.

In addition, Doragon, Wolf, and Godsown1991 have all contributed “.5's” to the United States of Ameriwank as guest writers. Also Vultan, Fenrir Angerboda, RCAF Brat, catboy637, TheDarkServant, Hashasheen, nikky, and David bar Elias are all on the waiting list.

Finally, Tex himself has seen several small cameo roles mainly in the Series but also in Wanderlust's To Alien Shores. His biggest role is that of the MSS Stranger's Captain in the AH.Com The Next Generation Series.

List of Tex's Writings

United States of Ameriwank - A timeline that observes an ATL US in which the founding fathers were given a mission to spread the nation around the world and the technology to accomplish it. This thread now acts as a discussion thread for the below mentioned revision. - In Progress

The Complete United States of Ameriwank - This version, also known as the Canon Timeline or Consolidation Thread, is a revised version of the above story. As Tex's knowlege of TL writing and history has grown, so has his dislike of the early work in the timeline. Extensive revisions are underway and featured here. - In Progress

The Dream That Changed The World - Charles of Africa has a divine dream in 1157 of a Christian Africa. The Pope commissions the building of an earlier Caravel for his mission and the world is never the same. - In Progress

AH.Com: TNG - Episode 1X02 - "Blasters of the Neutral" - The second series episode for AH.Com: The Next Generation. House - A spoof of Animal House involving many characters and their multiverse historical counterparts at Texas A&H University.

The Chiefdom of Comancheria - A timeline exploring an alternate history of the Comanche tribe into its own organized state with a hybrid of Western and Native culture. Noted for being one of the few timelines to deal with native Americans. - In Progress

Operation Twin Eagles - A Timeline composed of newspaper articles and other media related clippings depicting a more involved drug war after Mexican Cartels attack El Paso. This timeline is being written at a slow pace similar to Comancheria. - In Progress

Motel Rwanda: An African AH - Finished!

A Soccer Crazed US - Semi-finished.

No Babe Rute - Finished.

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