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An user born on June 4 1994 who joined the site on March 29 2010.

Evilprodigy is best known as the moderator of the new_world_colonial_game, now since departed despite a failed attempt by mats to make a new one. Recently, a new NWCG was started by Meepy, but Evilprodigy forced him to change the name into “here be dragons”.

Evilprodigy can be seen mostly in the Shared Worlds forum and the Nation Games subforum, frequenting many nationgames and known for 99.99% of the time choosing an eastern nation, he claims he does this because, “Europe is filled with alot of backstabby inconsistent diplomacy with too many nations crashed together in too small a place to function without going to war or getting paranoid about another war. Eastern nations get to avoid this for the most part due to culture of the people living there and less player activity.”

Evilprodigy is known for playing as the Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Muslim Spain/Iberia, Japan, and The Vijayanagar Empire due to most concentration of historical knowledge being centered around these nations in particular. He is also a certified expert on the ASoIaF universe and strongly pro-canals.

In games he is known to write extremely long and detailed war plans harnessing the power of painstaking historical research and persuasive language. Users waging war against him in a NG beware. However the majority of his time on since 2016 has been devoted Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other roleplay games of the more traditional orthodox nerdism.

He is also notable as the most prolific creater of original BobMemes.


Iron and Longships : A Vinland TL - What if the Vikings had stayed in Vinland for longer and launched a real colonization effort ?

New World Colonial Game: a multipart series of games which, if combined, would constitute the second longest nation game ever run on (08JUL10 - 15JUN11) Original Thread(created by PaulieRomanov) 100 year timeskip 1800s 1900s RPG mode

Power of the Atom 3 - A Nation Game (16FEB12-10MAR12). Evil Prodigy's second attempt at a remake of HellHound01's successful Power of the Atom, a nation game set in an “atom punk” world.

Power of the Atom 5 - fifth installment in the series and EP's 3rd (2nd successful).

Power of the Atom 6

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