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The Vulture

A French/Corsican member, a proud Corsican in fact. Joined in August 2009.

Banned on the 27th of May 2013, for repeated bashing of some people's interest in fan fiction and other derivative works. The resultant furor from the ban saw 5 members kicked in the newly established Hall of Infamy VII thread.


a.) Timelines

The Vulture wrote several realistic as well as ASB-themed timelines. Some examples:

An Eighth Continent

He also contributed to the timelines of other authors, e.g. a guest-written chapter for Macragge1's Protect and Survive timeline.

b.) Stories

Rabbit Hole - After he got banned in May 2013, new chapters were posted with his permission in this thread.

He also organised several rounds of's creative writing challenges :

Vulture's Writing Challenge: Modern Hercules

Autumn Writing Challenge : Ghost Town

c.) Shared Worlds

Claims to Fame

Created the Official Polka Thread.

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