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Long-time American member of the board.


List of things I've written/recorded, used to advertise in my sig-space, and have since been replaced. Many are not finished, or I lost the thread of thought. If you have grand ideas about how to revive them, please, do share.

  • Planned Obsolescence: Not everything outdated has the decency to fall apart.
  • Why Can't We Be Friends?: Some people want to travel to ATLs, but not all of them will like where they end up. Can also be found in audio format here
  • A Vision of Hell: Andersonville Prison can't get worse, can it?
  • 90 Minutes in Munich: Drunken Midwesterners build garage time machine, attempt to kill Hitler. Complications ensue.
  • Ten Things You Need to Know: Plenty of people have video wills, but what kind of video would the President leave to be watched in the event of his death? Can also be found in audio format here.
  • Going Home: Home is where the heart is, but who can you trust with your heart?
  • I'm Afraid It's a Terminal Case: Death out on the Ice is always unpleasant.
  • Parallels: An AH thriller with character cameos of numerous AH.commers.

In Culture

Georgepatton helped with the creation of Lord Roem's band Dogs of Flanders.

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