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A board member who joined in November 2010. He is most active in Shared Worlds, where he usually creates and hosts various roleplays.

Hailing from the Buckeye State or Ohio as it is sometimes called, LordVetinari generally has a quiet (well, not always) pride in his home state, despite some exasperating things about it. If you read through some of his Shared Worlds games you will likely find references to Ohio. Or corgi's. Often in the same work. Also hails from Toledo, which might also be obvious if glancing through material. Is distantly related to Richard M. Nixon, General George H. Thomas and the privateer/pirate Henry Morgan.

Leans politically towards left of center by American standards, though he prefers to not talk too much about politics due to “life is too short” to get worked up enough about them. Which is why LordVetinari isn't usually found in the Political Chat Forum. He is most likely to be found in Shared Worlds, ASB Forum or the Non-Political Chat Forum.

Area's of interest include history (regular and alternate), Gojira/Godzilla, Doctor Who, DC Comics (though he retains a bit of a personal exasperation regarding DC and its current “planning” for its comics and Shared Cinematic Universe), Other interests include studying cinema, miniature war-gaming, reading, etc. Historical interests include the 18th to 19th centuries, and the early part of the 20th. A firm believer that men's fashion and car/architecture styling died out horribly sometime around the mid-1960's. Supports Art Deco over “concrete monstrosities” though admits some Art Deco is a bit much. Also believes Steam powered automobiles should make a comeback.

Desires to get into Voice Acting/Voice Over work as a career, which is why he's spent almost five years in college trying to get a degree in Broadcast Communications. Despite this, is also cynical about being able to achieve this goal regarding potential economic and industry roadblocks.

Also once debated in a high-school debate class that airships were a valid form of transport in the modern era.

Shared Worlds projects

Other Works

The Yankee Doctor: The Story of the American Doctor Who Series (1964 – Present)

How might an American Doctor Who series look if it was adapted at about the same time as the British original? How would the two shows evolve? WHO would be the Doctor? From its start under Rod Serling to turning National Educational Television into America's Fourth Network, The Yankee Doctor seeks to tell a history of a show that never was.

You The People

Technically a Shared Worlds polling game, You The People has become one of LordVetinari's main projects in Shared Worlds detailing a history of a world dominated by fictional characters. Oh, and some of them run for the White House.

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