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In his own words: “A guy who's pretty freaking crazy and joined another military just so he could have another go in the nougaty center of Asia.”

American former-member most notable for serving with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Afghanistan. For going to the bother of fighting in an American lead war, with an American ally, after being invalided out of the American armed forces, the American Department of Homeland Security thanked him for deciding to continue living in his own country and informed him that he was now ineligible for any government job that required a security clearence, oh and that they may tap his phone just in case he starts smuggling secrets North of the Maple Curtain.

They may have a point though as he now appears to be more Canadian than the Canadians, a Manitoban Candidate if you will.

The rumours that he was extremely disappointed that his wife presented him with a son and not a Centurion tank are completely untrue.


Also claims to be a libertarian though he appears far too sensible to have this claim to be taken seriously.

Has become famous for his epic rants aimed at American TV stations for cancelling all his favourite shows. This has grown into the idea that American TV executives deliberately spy on him to find out which shows he watches in order to cancel them. By extension, some members have asked Mac to be caught watching shows they hate so they will get cancelled.

Is know for his idiosyncratic “exactly what it says on the tin” titles, which mostly take the form “The X-ian Invasion of Y, Year”.

Also is known for a particular hatred of excessive rail attachments on firearms.

Lately he has objected to excessive literally literal literalism, and realistic real realism on the forums.

Unfortunately he was banned for good on the 7th August 2012, when IAN discovered he was continuing to post in Chat (and had done so for some time) despite not posting in Chat being a condition of his return from a previous ban. Source


(Note: This list is currently incomplete.)

Hondo, this is CFB Cold Lake calling... (completed 05/09) - [Turtledove Winner 2010 for Best New Long Fiction Historical]

Mud, Blood, and the Northern Lights (in progress)

Battle of Tim Hortons or: How I Dropped the F-Bomb on the CBC and Got Away With It but Still Got Arrested For Looting (collaboration with Doctor What) - [Turtledove Winner 2010 for Best New Short Fiction Comedy/Satire]

The Soviet Invasion of Iran, 1981 - Turtledove Winner 2010 for Best New Short Fiction Historical

Russo-Japanese War, 2009 (ongoing)

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