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Formerly Komeyta.

A long time player of the old sandbox sub-forum (replaced by Shared Worlds), active in both nation and role playing games, but with the rapid growth of the Shared Worlds forum he stopped playing as much. Now most commonly plays Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other dice-based role play games.

Also he is the only individual to have won Blue Max's critically acclaimed American Administration RPG.

Likes anime, games and girls.

Conversations with him tend to reach maximum awkwardness. You have been warned.

His life is apparently a shojo anime.


Creator of the Pathfinder RP game Komequest. Started on 31MAY2018 and still ongoing as of this edit (20AUG18).

Creator of the Nation Game Les Printemps des Nations, played from 22OCT2011 to 29OCT2011.

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