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The Dude

The Dude, formerly TheUnmentionableSeaMammal, often abbreviated to TUSM, is a much-quoted member on the board. He joined in August, 2010, and quickly became a recognisable name around the forums, if mostly for his perceived “Zaniness.” In October of the same year, he founded the Fucked Up Trio with two other board members, which quickly broke down, as he decided he wished to become a respected member of the board, despite the unlikeliness of such an event occurring. Since his name change, he has at least tried to calm down a bit.

He was banned in 2011 for insulting EvilProdigy and several kicks, most of which occured within a couple of days of the previous one ending.

Appearances in Fiction

Appears infrequently in AH.Com The Creepy Teen Years, usually with bad things happening.

AH Works

The Dude has written one timeline, A House Divided Can Stand Alone. It involves an isolationist Confederacy and the Anglo-Franco-American Alliance resulting from it.

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