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British forum member known initially for participating in shared worlds games, then for his scathing criticisms of maps and flags and his involvement in politics, and currently known for his overt British gentlemanliness and occasional well-made map or flag.

Since June 2009 Krall has held the title of the Earl of Desmond in the peerages, and he maintains his right to the title of King of Lesser Latvia and Lesser Lithuania, which has gained him the informal style of “His Royal Awesomeness” to contrast with the style of Sargon, Emperor Consort of, of “His Imperial Awesomeness”.

Thande has pointed out the suspicious coincidence that the cult RTS game Total Annihilation has a planet called “Kral” (one L) which is noted for its oceans of vitriolic acid and its forests of windbags full of hot air. Ynnead has also pointed out another suspiciuous coincidence that in the Action RPG Mass Effect there is reference to a great Krogan Warlord “Krall” Political Career

During his involvement in politics Krall was a member of 5 separate political parties, 4 of which he had founded himself. The first of these was the Otto von Bismarck Zombie Resurrection, Undead, Werewolves, Martians, Scantily-Clad Beach Babes and World Domination Party, which gained significant popularity in the polls, but was disbanded by Krall due to disinterest and inactivity. He later joined the Yorkshire Socialist Party, gaining a respectable reputation as an orator, but later left after he decided that the political system was not fun nor interesting. He later re-entered the political arena for a short time due to leading the People's Funny Hat Revolution. After the revolution's failure Krall founded the Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party. In the Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party Krall attempted to form a cult of personality formed around his “evil genius” persona, and a minor religion or cult was formed around him with Ryder at its head (called the Kralltonic Order). Krall's attempts at evil inevitably failed due his inability or unwillingness to deceive and manipulate others, and because the FFBFP drew in like-minded evil persons, who attempted (and - in the case of TheDarkServant - succeeded) to backstab him. The FFBFP and the Kralltonic Order were later dissolved.

Krall then created a third political party, the Monotonous Seriousness Party, with the intention of parodying those members of that believe that politics should be serious in any way, but then disbanded the party a day later when he decided that he couldn't pretend to be serious about politics for any length of time. He then created the Party of the Brethren of the Waterless Sea, a political party based around the concept of Space Pirates, though it gained no other members than himself.

September 2009 saw a change in Krall's personality as he came to fully realise his inner gentleman. Strangely Krall's former reputation was as a conniving, schemeing backstabber who was only out for his own gain, and yet his new personality brought him closer to the Presidency than ever before, since several people (such as TheDarkServant and Hashasheen, the President and Vice President respectively) above him in the line of succession had either temporarily left, or had declared their intent to leave politics. Acting President Hashasheen attempted to make Krall acting Vice President, and Krall's cool head and polite demeanour caused some to (jokingly) call for the implementation of a Kralltocracy. Krall did gain the title of King of Lesser Latvia and Lesser Lithuania, taking the throne name “King Alexander”, but unfortunately Ian shut down the politics roleplay soon after.

Krall's last act in the political roleplay was to initiate a group hug in the Congress for Discourse Regarding the Parliament.

The Honourable Gentlemen's Club

In the dying days of the government Krall planned and promised to form a political party in keeping with his newfound gentleman nature. The roleplay ended before he could get round to it, but the idea of the organization continued on. On the 30th of December, 2009 Krall formed The Honourable Gentlemen's Club and it was an instant success as veteran members to newly joined posters applied to join. The HGC took over some functions of the defunct government, such as the Flag Committee (which failed to come to a conclusion) and the proposed Welcoming Committee (which is now led by mowque under the HGC).

The Map of the Fortnight Map Contest

On the 5th of February 2010 Krall took over running the Map of the Fortnight map contest from Leistungsfähiger Amerikan. He oversaw every MotF contest round from MotF 10 until MotF 129 save for MotF 26, which Scarecrow ran instead. He was succeeded by Upvoteanthology.

In Fiction

He appeared as the Grand Master of the Great Holy Grammar Inquisition of the Administratum of Bankind in the The Series episode THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN. He has also appeared in more recent Series episodes as a major villain, usually conforming to his old persona as a critic and evil “genius”.

Captain Krall of The Vexillologist Guild's Graphics Guard, also the Headmaster of the Order of Kralltonic Knights, is a recurring character in Enterprise.

A Krall-based character also appeared in AH.Com The Creepy Teen Years, as a teacher. Among other things, he was portrayed as a Large Ham.

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