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American member hailing from Hawaii. At his own insistance, that's pretty much the only thing worth mentioning.


Wrote one episode for The Next Generation.

Arguably is the major writer for The Creepy Teen Years. What this may mean is worrisome.

No Man's Land : Tales from the Weird Wars - An ASB WWI tale where magic makes a violent return to the world. Currently finished.

Also working on One Man's Worth, an alternate version of the Marvel Universe.


Is one of the few Pro-Anime members of the board. To shortly be persecuted by RISPN. Doesn't give a damn about the RISPN.

Head of the First Church of the Last Sons of the ASBs.

Ambassador to the Selenites.

Relations with other members

Allied to the Brony Horde.

Is often associated with FDW and NothingNow due to the three being the main writing staff for The Creepy Teen Years.

in Fiction

He appears, under his real name of Reese Sako as Captain of the USS Sam Carsten in Wanderlust's To Alien Shores....

He has also appeared in August Akuma's A World of Lost Tommorrow, A World of Fear... under the alias Rune Nortoun.

Made a Cameo appearance in The Next Generation as a random lacky in “BLASTERS OF THE NEUTRAL” and latter as another Random lacky.

Appears in The Creepy Teen Years, as a major character.

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