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If you find this particular section of the wiki to be a place with a rather irreverent tone, well… you've come to the right place ! ;-)

General forum advice (please read)

First of all, we'd like to showcase some minor tech and etiquette advice concerning the board (newcomers should take note in particular):

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Where do I start ?

How do I move a thread ?

Why is thread necromancy frowned upon ?

Plagiarism is NOT tolerated on

A mod's succinct summary of why people get kicked or banned for nastiness, not opinions

A succinct summary on how to use the report function responsibly and avoid abusing it

Even backhanded insulting of others is actionable - don't think you can get away with it

Public Forum - A thread where you can discuss things with the mods and admin or file a complaint to them, if you're so inclined.

How to use the search function - The inevitable question asked by many people, particularly newcomers. Please read this article to get a good idea on how to use the search function of the board's forum software.

Donations for the forum's basic upkeep - These are fully voluntary donations and are only used for paying the annual bills for hosting the site and occassional minor tech upgrades. There are no special privileges for contributing a donation, as has an egalitarian policy towards all its users.

OK, once you've read that, be our guest and proceed….

Members of the Discussion Board

Alphabetical Member List - List of active AH.commers.

List of Published Authors - Which of us have officially published their works. Some works have been published via Sea Lion Press.

Regions and Cities - Places where members come from.

Name Change Registry - See who has changed his/her username to what.

Hall of Infamy - See who was permanently banned for violating board rules.

Roster Of The Repentant - Some posters repent for their wrongs, get unbanned and rejoin our community.

The Pond - Lists members who are currently in voluntary exile from the board (i.e. they requested a temporary, voluntary ban or kick from the board due to reasons like work, vacation, etc.). Why “the pond”? Because on it is custom to say these people have “gone fishing”.

Mod Assist Hall of Records - Mods only. Reader beware, you're in for a scare!

Miscellaneous Trivia fiction based around its board members The Movie (fictional movie starring the board members and their wacky antics) The Series (long-lived spinoff of The Movie, ran between 2005-2010, for five seasons, before returning in 2014 for a sixth season) The Next Generation (spinoff of The Series with newer board members, ran in 2009-2010) Enterprise (a sequel to The Series and The Next Generation, featuring new characters) The Creepy Teen Years (looser spinoff of The Series, sharing the same basic universe)

Back to OTL ( spoof of Back to the Future)

Luaky Commer ( spoof of Harry Potter) Wars ( spoof of Star Wars) Lost ( spoof of LOST)

Banhammer 40K (concept, spoof of Warhammer 40 000) Civil War (unfinished story, spoofing the first “civil war”)

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