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If you find this particular section of the wiki to be a place with a rather irreverent tone, well… you've come to the right place ! ;-)

General forum advice (please read)

First of all, we'd like to showcase some minor tech and etiquette advice concerning the board (newcomers should take note in particular):

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Where do I start ?

How do I move a thread ?

Why is thread necromancy frowned upon ?

Plagiarism is NOT tolerated on

A mod's succinct summary of why people get kicked or banned for nastiness, not opinions

A succinct summary on how to use the report function responsibly and avoid abusing it

Even backhanded insulting of others is actionable - don't think you can get away with it

Public Forum - A thread where you can discuss things with the mods and admin or file a complaint to them, if you're so inclined.

How to use the search function - The inevitable question asked by many people, particularly newcomers. Please read this article to get a good idea on how to use the search function of the board's forum software.

Donations for the forum's basic upkeep - These are fully voluntary donations and are only used for paying the annual bills for hosting the site and occassional minor tech upgrades. There are no special privileges for contributing a donation, as has an egalitarian policy towards all its users.

OK, once you've read that, be our guest and proceed….

Members of the Discussion Board

Alphabetical Member List - List of active AH.commers.

List of Published Authors - Which of us have officially published their works. Some works have been published via Sea Lion Press.

Regions and Cities - Places where members come from.

Name Change Registry - See who has changed his/her username to what.

Hall of Infamy - See who was permanently banned for violating board rules.

Roster Of The Repentant - Some posters repent for their wrongs, get unbanned and rejoin our community.

The Pond - Lists members who are currently in voluntary exile from the board (i.e. they requested a temporary, voluntary ban or kick from the board due to reasons like work, vacation, etc.). Why “the pond” ? Because on it is custom to say these people have “gone fishing”.

Mod Assist Hall of Records - Mods only. Reader beware, you're in for a scare !

Miscellaneous Trivia fiction based around its board members The Movie (fictional movie starring the board members and their wacky antics) The Series (long-lived spinoff of The Movie, ran between 2005-2010, for five seasons, before returning in 2014 for a sixth season) The Next Generation (spinoff of The Series with newer board members, ran in 2009-2010) Enterprise (a sequel to The Series and The Next Generation, featuring new characters) The Creepy Teen Years (looser spinoff of The Series, sharing the same basic universe)

Back to OTL ( spoof of Back to the Future)

Luaky Commer ( spoof of Harry Potter) Wars ( spoof of Star Wars) Lost ( spoof of LOST)

Banhammer 40K (concept, spoof of Warhammer 40 000) Civil War (unfinished story, spoofing the first “civil war”)

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